Friday, November 24, 2006

Uni marks are in!

Accounting for Managers: Credit
Organisational Behaviour: Distinction


And now, off to the twilight fair!


Boysenberry said...


I won't find out my results until Monday. Here's hoping mine are as good. :)

Lulu said...

YAY ENNY!!! Fantastic news!!

What is the twilight fair?? I want to see pictures (yes, yellow faced pictures are fine!)

Have fun, and congratulations!!

somewhat-sober said...

that is brilliant!

great to get your results so early too!

Enny said...

Mr B'b'rry - Thankyou - I'll be sending good luck thoughts to you on Monday!

Lulu - Thankyou! The fair was jus at a primary school near our house, nothing special, but I like to pick up plaster figures to paint... I can't explain why I get the urge ;o)

S-sober - Why hullo stranger!!! And thankyou! =o)

Jennifer said...

Hooray Enny, good work!!

I have the wait a few more weeks for my results.

I loved painting plaster figurines when I was younger, I haven't seen them for ages! Post a pic if you end up painting one :D

Enny said...

D'jen - Thanks! Let us know how you go - you're doing summer as well, aren't you? If I do them today I'll pic'n'post(I bought one last year, and two this year!) tho they're not THAT exciting as you don't get to pick the colours...

Adam said...

You are a star!

Enny said...

adam - Awww, thanks buddy! =o)