Saturday, November 11, 2006

Qld and bad timing - help me out?


I got the email from the QLD work lady re: dates for training up there. It has to be two consecutive days, and the only times the training rooms were free were a two day slot in December, and two x two day slots in January.

The fact that my boss (if she's still my boss - tho it's irrelevant at this point in time) is on leave for most of January, made December the only real option.

Dates: Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th of December.

Locked in.

I can go earlier or I can stay a bit later, or both, however, before you dictate how long and when I should be up there, these are the other considerations.

Friday 15th December: Branch Christmas Party lunch
Note: I wasn't that excited about this.

Friday 15th December: Social Club Christmas Party
Notte: Unsure if I was that excited about this - last year a girl tried to undo my halter neck top - they're always a bit of let down.

Saturday 16th December/Sunday 17th Decmber: Supposed to be going to coast with the bro's,The Hun, Eldest Bro's gf, and two or three cousins.

Sunday 17th December: Potentially the date of the 'family' Christmas party, where all the rellies get together to celebrate Christmas earlier (was supposed to be Saturday 23rd but Eldest Bro and Eldest Bro's gf got the ok to have a party for her/their friends at my parents house that day).

Tuesday 19th December: Dentists appointment I've had booked in for like 6 months.

It is reasonable to expect that I'd have to be there before the Monday so that I can set up the training stuff, and I don't think I can get in there on weekends.... and I presume the latest I could leave would be the Wednesday. Also, the office is on Queen street (in the 400's), so I'm guessing I'd be located round there somewhere.


DelightfulJen said...

Queen St is a good location, I used to work in the 500's.

My decision would be based on whether or not the Christmas parties have an open bar or not. If they do, but the company would be bad though, then maybe skip them.

That time of year is always hectic, there is always so many things to go to.

Enny said...

d'jen - I've been there once before - there was a fire drill. That's all I remember ;o)

The lunch Christmas party is at a club (like a rugby club) and they have a sit down lunch of turkey and ham, then 'games'. You are also assigned seating to mix up the teams. I will be getting a plate of veggies.

The Social Club Christmas party is a 20 minute cab ride from home - tix are usually Like $15 for social club members, including limited free beer, wine and champage - none of which I drink. My boss won't be allowed to go (overprotective husband) and the other fun person usually finds some excuse to wag out.

Adam said...

Hmmm, so the dentist appointment gets in the way of everything...

Why don't you just rock up Sunday night and leave Tuesday night?

Enny said...

adam - yeah, but it's not an option as it's the only day I can go!

I was thinking of going on the Friday so I can catch up with some of the martial arts ppl and maybe do some training, and meet up with any bloggers that might want to go to dinner or somthing!

Was also thinking of leaving on the Wednesday as not sure how long the second day of training will take - last time I did a round of this training QLD took the longest...

Adam said...

Sorry. Is the training the only day you can go, or the dentist?

Dude, I'd love to do dinner, I'm sure the other Brisbane bloggers would be up for it too. I should be in town that weekend anywho.

Enny said...

adam - Now I'm lost! I'm rescheduling the dentist, the Mon and Tues are the only days I can go to training.

When shall dinner be?

Adam said...

It can be whenever you like, we'll work around you methinks...

I think most of the kids are on holidays and my calender isn't so busy so you've probably got the strictest timetable.