Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Warts and all

Remember how I told you I visited the doctor about the ovarian cancer vaccine (here)?

Well, I forgot to mention that I went in the other week and got myself the needle. Yessireebob.

When I visited her the time mentioned above, she gave me a script for the Gardasil - even though I practically had to BEG for it and she wasn't all that enthusiastic about it. That same appointment she gave me the slips to get a blood test done for my iron, folate and b12, and when I called in for THOSE results, I was asked to come in to 'chat' about by b12 levels. Seems my b12 was 5 below what it should be, and I was to buy some b12 tablets. AND SHE COULDN'T JUST TELL ME OVER THE PHONE BUT HAD TO CHARGE ME $50 FOR IT! She also took that opportunity to rave about Gardasil as she had been on a few conferences (suss, much?!) and really pressed me into getting the script and doing it - this time I was the one talking about not needing it that much as I'm already in a committed long term relationship etc etc.

But, seeing as Dadasy had offered to cover the $130 charge for the jab, I decided to go through with it.

And it hurt!!!

It's the first time I've reaaally felt a pain in my hand from a needle in the arm, however it may have had something to do with being told that 'this is first time I've administered this... let me go next door and ask Dr so-and-so if he's had any problems when he's done it..... oh - he said he's only given it to his daughters... here we go!'.

And the point of my ramblings (besides talking about ovaries to anxiousify the boys) is that in telling people that I've had the needle done, I've had an almost alaraming number of people tell me a) they haven't heard about it, and that b) they haven't had a pap test.





If you (laydeez) or anyone you know (laydeez and gentz) has NOT had a pap test and are over the age of 18 or have ever been sexually active, PUHLEASE get over yourself and visit the doctor.

You ain't got NOTHIN down there they haven't seen before.

And if you have, then you're damn lucky they're seeing it.

End community service announcement.


Jennifer said...

You are so brave Enny, I am so needle phobic!

I did know about the vaccine but I haven't done all the girly doctor stuff. I know I should, and it's on my list (with my wisdom teeth). I am fairly certain I have Endometrosis too, so I will probabaly need an endoscopy so I've just avoiding it.

I promise I will get onto it all next year, just because of your service announcement :)

Halliwell said...

Why are you monitoring ur nutrients so closely?

How goes the new car? I haven't heard much. Did it perform well for exams?

MMM.. YAY Papsmear(?), My sister suffered from overian cancer and has laser treatment with some success so far.
I hope no-one that I know ever suffers from this again.

Im glad I don't have to deal with any of 'that' stuff.

Mars said...

the very thought of a pap test makes me quiver in fear. no, no-no, no. none of that. i think i'd rather give birth or something crazy like that...

R-Dogg said...

Wa-how... Didn't even know that thing was available yet! Good on you for getting it... I hear it's quite pricey though... Fancy letting us know just how much?

Lulu said...

Good on you Enny for talking about something that probably none of us would talk about on our blogs!!

I think if you have a really doctor then these things are not so worrying.....

I have a really good doctor in Australia who

a) Is female (My mum switched me to her when I was 12...because our normal family doctor was male and she wanted me to be comfertable going to the doctor by myself and for other women type things)

b) Writes me prescriptions for six months worth of stuff, gives them to my mum with a letter so that she can send them overseas. And doesn`t charge my mum for it!

c) takes overseas phonecalls from me!

d) Continues to charge me concession when I am in Australia despite the fact I doubt medicare is valid since I do not pay tax in Australia and no longer have a valid health care card

e) Best of all, she is really really thorough!!

My public service announcement is FIND A REALLY GOOD DOCTOR YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH! So that you can then go ahead and have a papsmear or the shot or whatever it is you need!

I am yet to find mine in Japan...But the local hospital goes all right for flu and asthma drugs. And now that I have Japanese health insurance I am laughing...Paying only 4 dollars to see the doctor...How crazy is that?

Keep up the public service announcements Enny!! And congrats for braving the doctor to get the needle (and yay for to your papa for paying it)

Melly` said...

Good on you for getting the jab. I thought the cost was $400? at $130... I guess I should look at getting it for my girls. Or do you have private cover?

Ok - I shouldnt quibble over the $$. The girls will get it these coming holidays regardless.

Enny said...

d'jen - I'm not the worlds biggest fan, I'm a sweaty nervous mess before it gets done! Why not get it done in November - that way you've still got a deadline, and you know that you can relax over the Christmas period without stressing about what's on the other side! Also, I had my wisdom teeth out three years ago - I had it done in hospital on the Monday and was back at work on the Friday - no pain, no extra bleeding and hardly any bruising at all!

halliwell - I'm a hypochondriac!!! I just worry about how adults seem to know everything about what you should do, and there's all this bad health stuff that you can get and I don't have someone who can just tell me that I have something wrong, so I gotta get it checked whenever I can (Also - b12 deficiency is very bad)! New car is going well thankyou, but he's dirty; and I don't know what exams it had, but I think I went ok for mine =o)

I'm sorry to hear about your sister - I do hope she's doing well. AND I HOPE THAT EVERYONE THAT READS THE COMMENTS WILL READ WHAT HE'S SAID. TWICE!!!

mars - if you DON'T have one then you may NEVER have kids!!! There are all sortsa grotty things you can't see that they can and that they can fix - like with HPV, tonnes of people have it and have no symptoms and it can make you infertile and you'd have NO idea unless you got pap tested! It takes like two minutes from go-to-whoa!

r-dogg - you betcha sweet biddy it's out! It cost $129.95 - you need a script to pick it up from the chemist and then the $50 or so that it costs to go visit the doc for them to jab you - app some might be reclaimable from health insurance, but I haven't looked into that yet. You have to get it three times in total - so I'm due again in December and March (I think - it's in my diary!!!).

lulu - I WANT YOUR DOCTOR!!! And I cannot believe it costs only $4. $4!!! That's cheaper than eating over there!!!

melly - yeah - it does turn out to be $450 PLUS the 3 appts to get it put in... I have private cover, but haven't looked at the rebate (I'm on like the bare minimum coverage!). I do think it's a good idea - my concern about it was allayed once it's explained as being a warts preventer, rather than something thats messing with your ovaries as such.