Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dot Points for the Lazy Day

Oh man, today was the BEST weekend day I've had in a looong time. No commitments, minimal chores, napping, gorging - totally brill!

  • I went to a wedding yesterday - it was luvverly! One of the grooms brothers sang 'Ave Maria' solo and I was tearing up. *sighs* This was tempered by the groom dropping the ring AND the pen, and the singing boy forgetting the words at one point.
  • For this wedding, I got my haircut - my usual girl wasn't in, so I had someone new and got a slightly different fringe - it's looking quite William Sledd and I must say I'm loving it more and more!
  • Due to the sheer number and styles but lack of 'style', I wore the 'runner up' in the 'dress me for the races' competition.
  • I also bought my first adult shoes - they're bronze and pointy toed and slingbacked to match the dress, but they will be getting much more wear, I herby declare!
  • I am determined to buy a camera cord tmr so I can update with some better (yellow faced) pictures.
  • I hosted my first Nutrimetics party - and it was NOWHERE near as painful as I feared! I'm getting a pedicure/massage kit, an overnight bag and some bronzey glittery powder. This summer will be the summer of the feet. Also - the lady was lovely enough to provide me with a list of products that aren't vegan friendly so I could order them.
  • I picked up one of these yesterday (Youngest bro ordered one at the same time but I physically went in to get mine after waiting for the call and calling them myself - BOO EzyDvd). So far I've watched two episodes twice each (one without commentary, once with). Reminds me of how I spent my time before moving out of home.
  • I also bought TalkMan - it should be pretty helpful overseas, but I wish it taught the reading thing too.
  • I think I am turning Nana - gf2 was regaling us with her latest snag and she felt she had to introduce the story with 'you probably won't approve, especially you Enny' and put up with my bright-eyed, hands-over-mouth squealing all the way through her story. That and my 'interest' at one of the wedding guests vomming in the bathroom, continuing to drink, and then take the best man home (after being warned not to and watch him grind all over a few of the other guests (one other in particular)).
  • I witnessed THE worst behaviour by an adult I have EVER seen in my life this week - I never would have thought a grown adult public servant (and grandfather nontheless) would behave in such a way that they would be asked to leave a training course due to rudeness. But it happened. And was deserved. And it's everyone elses fault but his - of course.
  • The 200sx gets payed for and driven away tmr - all things going according to plan. FINALLY.
  • Oh! And The Hun is going to be a Godfather! Needless to say, bad Italian accents and jokes are being thrown about our house willy-nilly, but it is all quite exciting and lovely and the such.


Adam said...

Whoa! That's a heaps good and way random collection of weekendness.

I wouldn't worry too much about being a Nana, it comes naturally after spending some time in happyhappycoupleland... reading around the blogs, everyone has Nana'd up (except, obviously for Steph).

DelightfulJen said...

Well, I spend no time in happycoupleland anymore, and I am a total Nana. Any mention of bedroom stories, or boy....bit I dissolve into a blushing, hand over mouth, school girl too.

I just don't think it's particularly lady like to discuss particular subjects. When I am tipsy I will listen without behaving a twit, but I'd rather chew off my arm than have to contribute to such a conversation (and I have no interesting stories like that anyways :)

I love weddings so much, do buy a new cord I can't wait to see new pictures!!!

I can't believe you had qalms about hosting a Nutrimetics party. I sell it, but I'm way too chicken to host a party, I'd just blush and stumble, there is no way I'd do it infront of strangers! The neckwraps though are so worth it! The bronze-y power is nice, is it the one like built into the brush?

Enny said...

adam - it sure was! I'm not toooo worried about turning into a Nana, I guess it's just a bit of an odd feeling to always feel like I was the one 'out there' a bit, but then to be the one that requires the disclaimer before a story. Aww - poor Steph - she's coppin a lot of flack atm! ;o)

d'jen - heh heh, it's funny how a story can elicit so many squeals from a few 20-somethings! I'll say the stories weren't all that lady like, but they WERE entertaining! I also don't think that I'd really share an honest story - but I do love the one-up-manship when they're make believe ;o) I've bought the chord and about to do the transfer - I'll see if there are any goo dones! And yeah, I wasn't that excited about the Nutrimetics, but it turned out way better than I thought it would! You find it easier to sell than to host?! Selling would be SO much harder!! And yeah - it's the brush glitter - I can't wait!!


Halliwell said...


What was the bad behaviour?
I saw some terrible behaviour by a drunk dude at a club called the night cat. we were dancing with some chicks and this guy walks up as just stared one of the chicks up and down(eyez on the prize). he stared so hard he almost burnt a hole into her.

Feet were sooo 2 seasons ago, remember those toe rings and nail(ear)ring things??
This year i reckon it's all about the outter elbow, much over looked and such a vital part in detecting health and it's good for RAMMING in the face of baddies.

Yeah i go with Adam, couples end all fun and friendships.
Have a good week at work enny.
Spend the money on comming back to Melbourne!!

Deb said...

Wait, you're a vegan and you drive (drove) a 200sx? My god! We could be twins! :P

D'Jen tells me you're coming up this way soon... we'll have to meet up!

How did you go with the list of vegan friendly Nutrametics products? I use the 'Simple' range from Big W (cheap and animal friendly) which isnt too bad.

Adam said...

I was totally being complimentry to young Steph, I think it's way awesome that she's the funness in an otherwise Nana'd world.

Is she copping more flack than usual? I hadn't noticed..

Chesty LaRue said...

Welcome to Nannahood, enny. Once you get used to it, it's quite delightful here ... we drink tea and tsk at the youngfolk a lot.

Seriously - I think everyone has a nanna-side and a child-side. It's balancing them that's the key.

Enny said...



halliwell - "I am Bender, please insert girder" I can't share gf2's stories - they belong to her! (and I'm sure your friend didn't appreciate getting stared through) tho I don't thing couples end ALL fun and friendship - I think it depends how much you lose yourself into someone... (psst - I should be down there early next year!)

deb - OMG STALKER LOLZ! How bizaare!!! Yup - D'jen is the planning goddess, she'll put it all together ;o) The Nutrimetics was actually good - I'm not that into makeup or the super magic expensive creams, so there wasn't anything on there that I wanted that I couldn't 'have' which was good (I also use 'Simple'!).

adam - is ok, is ok - I jus noticed everyone been talking about her (jokingly of course!) at yours and jobe's and now here...

C'larue - it is quite cozy in here, isn't it! Tho, I'm not that fond of the tea, though I am a fan *tsk*. And overall I'm fairly balanced - my 'disaproval' was mixed with childish squeals of delight ;o)