Thursday, November 23, 2006

What a monkey

Monkey is my polite term of undearment - "Stop acting like a pack of monkeys" I'll tell my 6yo martial arts students, when what I'm thinking involves more asterisk's's's and ampersands.


Jennifer said...

I so don't miss office politics like this. There is always someone who has a bee in their bonnet about something.

Is this the same person who was kicked out of a training thing a few posts ago? Or do you just work with lots of twits? :)

P.S I checked and my handbag is 100% synthetic, so now you can buy your own guilt free :)

M said...

PMS monkey more like it!! ooeer!

Enny said...

d'jen - i tell you what! It's all the more 'laughable' as there is a woman in the office who will go straight to the silent treatment as soon as she thinks someone's done something wrong, and now he's doing the same! It's not the same person (that person was 'taken off the list' for this class), but the monkey was standing up for him until we got back to work and everyone else finally listened to what I'd already told the monkey all week.

AND ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That's awesome news - I couldn't find the tags and thought I was going to get bundled away by security if I kept pawing thru them all!

m - me or him?! ;o)

Jey said...

I just noticed that you link to me, so I just thought I'd say 'hi'.
Hi, and nice to meet you :p

Enny said...

jey - hello! Yes, yes I do - it's only fairly recent, but I'm enjoying having you here! =o)