Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm so tired my feet don't touch the ground*

I thought I was the witness of a descending rapture of the heavens this afternoon in the toilet at work, but it was just the Christmas Carol choir practicing in the meeting room next door.


At the moment I'm sick of feeling sick. I have the feeling I'm coughing through the night but have stopped waking myself up with it - my only clue to this is when I had a bit of a sleep-in on Saturday and The Hun told me I'd been coughing all morning. That and the way that what used to feel likea good old cough to clear the lungs while I had a runny nose and stuffy head now elicits only a half hearted bark, a cringe and a pout. I'm back to being headachey, blowing my nose in that embarassing way that usually requires more than one tissue and feeling like I've got a filter somewhere in my chest that needs a good poking with a pipecleaner to empty the vents. It doesn't help that I just finished a book about a hypochondriac having a breakdown that I actually quite enjoyed, but has me half believing that perhaps I have a chest infection that's going to devolve itself into pneumonia or bronchitis or lawd knows what. So not only am I sick of being sick and tired of being tired, but now you're probably bored, full stop.

I should proddly just stop this one right here, for the sake of all involved.

28 sleeps to go!

PS - After all of my whinging about uni I got my marks back on Friday - two distinctions, my best ever! Seems the ticket is a delicate balance between cramming at the very last minute and attending all the lectures and tutes, even if you don't absorb a whole lot. I should patent that sh!t right there.

*This is the song that The Hun and I seem to sing any time we feel even a little tired... know it?


LaLa said...

I am determined not to google that... is it The Beatles "I'm so tired"?

Congratulations on the marks En!

Anonymous said...

Hi Enny! Congrats on the marks, sorry to hear you're sick.

I think the song is an Eskimo Joe song from Song is a City but I don't know which one, I am singing it to myself now. Last album before they jumped the shark, IMO!


Rosanna said...

Enny - congrats on your uni marks! That is insanely good news! xo

Enny said...

lala - sorry, that's not it! And thankyoooooooou :o)

(matty) - thanks and thanks and yes you're right! It's funny because I refused to listen to it when The Hun bought it because the only other one of theirs I knew was that stupid sweater one, but then it was all my first share house basically listened to the whole 7 months I lived there!

rosanna - thankyou :o) Best of luck for yours?!