Sunday, November 25, 2007

Homebake Timetable - My Adventure

I don't know why these concert promoters make their timetables so damned hard to read!

I realise I could be alone on this one, but I've got the same problem with this years Homebake timetable as I did with this years Big Day Out timetable. Can you see what the issue is?

Perhaps you can't - in fact, if you're a guy, chances are you can't.

The thing that REALLY bothers me with this timetable is that it's upside down. Like I understand the need for having the 'big names' at the 'top' but it makes it near impossible for me to read - it's like it switches off some 'understanding' link in my brain. Even if I get a grasp on what show follows what show, I get befuddled with the gaps. The gaps that run in reverse.

I don't typically consider myself an anal type of person *snigger* but when these things are released I just HAVE to reverse them into Excel. And because they don't all start at quarter/half past/to I just have to break the times down in to five minutes blocks.

This isn't even getting onto the annoying manner in which they schedule the ones I want to see all around the same time. Like Missy Higgins & Architecture in Helsinki, and Gotye and Sarah Blasko.

Just as an aside, the lineup isn't all that awesome - I have got to do some serious internet stalking to find out who half these people are otherwise I won't be spending a whole lot of time in The Domain that day!


Mick said...

I think it's a pretty sweet lineup!

Here's who I recommend:

Kid Confucius - Soul/Hip Hop. Very cool.

British India - Some good new Aussie Rock. Great sound. Sounds British, but not.

Expatriate - Local Sydney band.

Kisschasy - If not just to see all the little kiddies go crazy for their latest songs.

Scribe - He went OFF at the BDO in January. Does a great live show and gets the crowd bouncing

Josh Pyke - Catchy rhythms, easy to sing along to. Super nice guy.

Pnau - Back, after some off. Infectious grooves, sure to get you moving.

There's quite a few I don't know as well, like Pivot, Bridezilla, Belles will Ring?

Looks like a fun day though.
Wish I was going!

surfercam said...

Very Very Jealous!
I reckon Homebake is one of the best concerts of the year, especially as it's right in the city.
I miss Sydney...

Adam said...

To confuse you further after Mick's suggestions, I'd go:

Subaudible Hum
Operator Please
The Mess Hall
Midnight Juggernauts
Missy Higgins

P.S) You are so freakin' awesome for converting the whole thing to Excel!!

DelightfulJen said...

I think I can read the official one with more ease than I can read yours, I can't handle so many little blocks of time :)

Whatever works to get you seeing the bands you want to see at the right times though!

I'd suggest Pnau, I saw them at BDO a million years ago and they were awesome! Def Josh Pyke too, I love him. Skip Missy Higgins, she steals my haircuts.

Enny said...

mick - I DO like Josh Pyke! Mmmm :o)

surfercam - Eldest bro said it was awesome last year, plus the location is pretty good too!

adam - I really want to see Gotye - at this stage Angus & Julia Stone are my only definites until I get my research done! And thanks!

d'jen - So the only girl to comment is the only one that doesn't like it?! Damn! Pnau has had a few recommendations now, but I'm kinda keen for Missy Higgins because I should be able to sing along to a few - plus she can play awesome piano!!!

Amanda said...

I can read both versions fine (also, can't believe I didn't comment on this earlier, I really suck).

I'd probably ditch Missy for Architecture in Helsinki, but I don't mind Missy, so that'd be ok too, I guess.

I'd pick British India in that time slot.

If you haven't seen them before Blue King Brown are great live, DEF Angus & Julia Stone, but you know that already, I'd go Josh Pyke too (benefit- do't have to move!).

Prob Gotye, Sarah Blasko is pretty good too, even to just laugh at her funny dancing!. Funnily enough, in the last time slot, I wouldn't be fussed about any of them!