Thursday, November 22, 2007

(More) Exciting Times - this time in dot points!

  • Following on from this, mumsy is veggo too! I had my doubts, I do think she's more likely to try and mislead dadsy on this one - but I'd be more than happy to eat my words on that. Keep your fingers crossed on this one, people!
  • I'm mostly over my cold/flu - I spend a lot of time blowing my nose and trying to pick off the dead skin that looks like nasty dried snots while ignoring the comments from my boss about how my coughing sounds like that ad where the lady coughs but it sounds like a dog. I could also do without the waking up choking/coughing/sniffling.
  • The hot weather that was bothering me while I was sweating all over the couch has turned on me now that I want to sit outside and drink. What's the special occasion? My old boss is having a Tupperware party and she REALLY knows how to throw a good one! Basically I will sit outside, be showered with cruisers while eating hummus, french bread and kettles, get overexcited at storage and then spend money I don't have on things I don't have room for. Hooray for Tupperware!
  • In order to get a lift to/from Tupperware, I had to clean my room (you can guess whose idea THAT was). First time in months that my feral room was cleaned, and even I am relieved to see the carpet again.
  • To top that off, youngest bro is having his 21st party on Saturday night. It's a BBQ, but now that mumsy and dadsy are veg*ns and two of my veg*n martial arts students are coming, it's going to be good to have lotsa veg*n food there. I'm excited about it for the food and the drinking and the fact that youngest bro was hammered at the toga party we went to the other week and he invited half my friends as well. Hooray!
  • What is it with ho's ruining my favorite TV shows?! I'm finding it really hard to enjoy Dexter because of that feral ho Lila; and Nancy used to be my favorite in Weeds but she is just slutting herself EVERYWHERE at the moment.
  • Max the dog has come across a bad patch - he'd been mopey of late and not quite right, keeping his tail down and not getting excited over anything much. Mumsy and dadsy took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with a pancreas issue and a bronchial upset, so we figured that was the main cause of his mopeyness, but he's also taken to falling down the stairs a lot (and blaming us for it somehow). Even though mumsy put some anti-slip stripes on the stairs on the weekend it didn't help - he fell down on Monday and had some kind of fit. He was in with the vet all day on Monday and they believed it was either a shock from the fall or meningitis (which is not like pharyngitis like I initially believed, but rather an infection in his brain) - he's been on medication and mumsy installed a baby gate on the stairs and dadsy chaperone's him outside so that he doesn't go anywhere near stairs, and apparently he has really picked up again. I hope it was just shock or a one off - meningitis has about a 60% cure rate and to confirm it they need to extract spinal cord fluid from him, which would really upset it him. It would be so upsetting to see, particularly after poor Tom suffered from seizures as well.
  • Guess who's a spoilt girl? At this stage I'm still on track to get a Wii from The Hun for Christmas AND now the bro's have decided to get me a DS as well! This is mainly due to me hating feeling left out while they all play games together (all three of them have one) and so we're also getting one for eldest bro's gf and The Hun. What a bad example of an almost 26 year old I am.
  • Another bad example of what a bad 26 year old I am? One friend had her first son on Tuesday, one friend is due in March and one friend is due in the middle of June. OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllld.


Lulu said...

I do not think being 26 and without munchkins make you a bad 26 year old...It makes you a free 26 year old with money!! That said I am 22 now will probably get married in 2009 and have children before I am 26...maybe! hehe

I am going to be a spoilt girl for christmas too. I am getting a camera from my mummy and half a laptop from Shun! new mac! YAY! I will pay the other half!

Adam said...

Yeah, you should totally be popping out this kids by now. I say NO! to sleep, seeing bands, movies, exercising, martial arts, playing games, progressing careers, hanging with homies, travelling to Melbs, Sydney, etc, watching TV and YES! to bring completely dependent peeps into a world that might be totally ruined.

Dude, this is so the best time in your life, just get amongst it and do some enjoyin' rather than consulting that ol life plan of yours all the time.

Enny said...

lulu - says she who is readily on her way to kidlets ;o) Hooray for spoilt Christmas'!

adam - always my mister voice of reason! Thankyou :o)