Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm under no dissilluisionment that my sh!t doesn't stink like poohpoohpooh

Hey guys - I've really got some sucking up to do here for the level of sh!teousness I've 'written' over the last little while. If it's any consolation, the stuff I am putting out for uni and work is just as bad if not worse, so I don't know if it really counts as neglecting you.

But we can still pity party, swears.

Things are good, weight is going well (not totally awesome, but good enough to keep me happy) uni is obviously still the bane of my existence, I'm warming up to my 7-year-itch in my job and boot camp has chafed my elbows.

I got less than four hours sleep last night due too *grumble*uni*grumble* so I'm going to use this evening to catch up on my blogs and my Facebook and then we can all come together and pretend this past bit hasn't actually happened and you aren't considering delinking me.

*Group hug!*


DelightfulJen said...

I totally understand, I will never delink you!

...unless you stop linking me, then it's game on, beeyotch ;P

(nah, I'll always keep you :)

Enny said...


Rosanna said...

I will never de-link you, either. For as long as my skirt smells of beer. Which is probably going to be forever.

PS: I haven't forgotten the Haighs. But I've been away. I swear.

Teej Mahal said...

Funny how guilty a break leaves you, isn't it? Heh

Jane said...

I'm up for the pity party! I want to come!

Adam said...

Man, this little paragraph hasn't changed anything, you're so delinked from my blog! No one person has ever been delinked so bad!!

Enny said...

rosanna - I'm sure the stank will lift one day! No pressure - I hope your holiday was super lovely.

tj - nice work, young lady!

jane - welcome back! And you're more than welcome.

adam - de-linking requires some form of linking in the first place!