Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sorry about the dead air

I was just having a bit of a busy bit.

Here's my apology in the form of dot points:
  • I lost 2.8kg last week!
  • The Hun is watching "The last king of of Scotland" - have you seen it? It's quite difficult to watch as the guy makes all these stupid mistakes.
  • I went to cardio-boxing class tonight and didn't think I was going to die! The Hun reckons it's partly mental, but I'm not entirely convinced.
  • We took dadsy in to get a tattoo for his 50th birthday - the same as my second tattoo and the same as youngest bro's tattoo. The tat guy turned up 28 minutes after the appointment time, had he been 2 minutes later we were about to walk and I would have lost by $50 deposit (dadsy is a stickler for customer service). He took like 6 attempts to get the transfer on right and I thought he was going to have some sort of meth-fit, but it all turned out good in the end. Dadsy's font is actually larger than youngest bro's, but it cost the same - so I guess we got a good deal out of it. That said, my tattoo artist left there to go to Noosa so I don't think I'll go back to that same place again. And for those of you who would like another view on how tattoo's feel, whilst I liken it to an Emjoi, dadsy likened it to a rat gnawing off his leg.
  • Speaking of tattoos where I ever to finally get my purple star tattoo below my little toe, these would be the perfect shoes to show it off:
(You can buy them from here if you'd like to buy them for me!)

  • I had a bit of a freakout about uni on Sunday night - a result of procrastinating just that biiiiit too much on an assessment piece. I am learning to learn and not freak out too much, but I am just. so. over. study.
  • Something else I'm a big fan of? The Butler Bag! I told mumsy about it, because I knew it was the type of thing she'd be right into. I think I would quite like one, but they aren't synthetic (that I can see) and I'm unsure reather I'm ready to give up my Guess fetish... mumsy however is waiting for the premium leather version *groan*. Here's a pic for those who can't be bothered to click through:

  • I went to a baby shower on Sunday and didn't get that clucky! It was cute to see Mrs Batman with her son, and good to see the mum-to-be looking so radiant (she is normally very, very thin) but I had no urge to go make a sprog.
  • I bought a new cookbook:
  • Now - don't roll your eyes! It actually makes the interesting point that many people recoil at the mention of tofu, and that a large of that is due to it not having been cooked for them as they grew up. This book is about way to incorporate tofu into your diet without having to get all weird and hippyish. I must admit, as soon as this diet is over I am all over the spanakopita and spinach-in-hollowed-bread dip. MMMMM.
  • I don't think I have anything else for you at this stage - shower and bedtime for me!


LaLa said...

Welcome back, life gets bizzy and stuff yeah?

I've always avoided tofu, because I don't like the consistency but your cookbook makes it look pretty damn good. I think if I were vegan I would like on pumpkin and mushrooms, 2 of God's best inventions I think.

Thanks for linking to the Butle Bag, I can stop looking at it, so amazed am I by it's simplicity and how come no one thought of it sooner?!

LaLa said...

LIVE... live on pumpkin and mushroom. Not like on them... it's early, I am eating vegemite toast and typing one handed.

DelightfulJen said...

The Butler Bag makes me want to get one just so I can throw it across the room and then jump on it.

I love being organized and all things related to organizing, but having compartments in a handbags just seems fundamentally wrong. I'd need about three trays to sort out all the crap in my bag. $100, if I had one, all my junk would sit on top of the special trays and I'd still never find anything :)

Congrats on the 2.8kg, that's massive!

Amanda said...

2.8kg, that's fantastic. Enny= star.

That bag is also awesome. Rest assured, I would buy you the shoes if i was super rich :)

Never been a huge fan of tofu, but I had some grilled marinated tofu and vegetable skewers at a brewery here a few months ago, and it was awesome!

Anonymous said...

I want that cookbook!! Desperately!!

2.8kgs is freakin HUGE! Cpngrats!


Tasmiya said...

I've only tried tofu once and I guess it was very poorly cooked. It was horrid. Does it usually have a powdery texture?.

alyndabear said...

That bag is AWESOME.

As is your weight loss. I sucked at TF, so I'm going it alone this time. =X

Enny said...

lala - yeah, it does on the odd occassion! I'm geting back into pumpkin (not the hugest fan) but I do lurrrve mushrooms... and, need I say, potato :o) I've still got the butler bag fever - I'm just going to have to hang out for the synthetic version.

lala - I forgive you!

d'jen - Haha! I love organising stuff, but then I usually give up after a while - I may last a little while with - though I have THAT much trouble getting stuff outta my bag that I might just stick to it one day... and thanks! As at this morning, another kg gone.

amanda - why thankyou! And the offer of buying them if you could is almost as good as actually having them bought for me. I don't think I've ever actually had tofu skewers!

deb - hooray! Get thee to a Dymocks :o)

tasmiya - I guess it can if you make it at home? I saw some tofu powder at the supermarket, so perhaps - I say, give it another go!

alynday - Another convert! You did TF before? What happened?!