Saturday, October 20, 2007

Catchy imaginative title indicating dot points

Shall I fill you in on the past week or so? Yes, yes I shall.

  • Did you realise it's almost exam time? I have one next Thursday and one the Thursday after. This does not excite nor soothe me. Damn you, uni.

  • Our little running club is going well - there are now four of us, as middle bro has invited another of his friends. The fact that this friend was able to just slip right into the second session of the second week with barely a puff was a lil sad-making - we still struggle our way through and puff and sweat a lot, whilst the new guy was bounding along like a gangly legged puppy doing hurdles. Nice guy though.

  • To assist in this new found "love" of running, I'm headed out to buy some proper runners today (as opposed to the indoor circuit shoes I bought off the hot salesman last year) to stop my ankles from panging and to hopefully give me a bit more bounce.

  • This crazy haze of exercise has engulfed me somewhat, and I'm planning on picking up mumsy's bike from her house today as my black beast of a Huffy apparently retired it's way into the skip many moons ago. This is as a direct result of being sent an entry form to the Tour de Femme and thinking it was a good idea for me and my old boss to enter. I also think that the 'Pedal for Pap' idea is amusing and very important - ladies, please, make sure you're paying your doctor an obscene amount to violate you every two years!

  • Another reason for picking up the bike is that there is rumoured construction at my work next year that will take over the carpark, meaning less parking for everyone and an increased likeliness that I will no longer be able to find a free carpark and there is NO WAY I AM PAYING. It doesn't help that the public transport system is so terrible in Canberra - $22.00 for 10 rides, or $3 a ride without a prepurchased ticket?! Unlikely. So me and my boss before my other older boss are considering riding a few times a week - she doesn't want to ride along and I'd like someone to share my pain with me. We shall see how this pans out.

  • I am forever indebted to eldest bro's gf for pointing out that there's an Australian Womens Health magazine. Some of you might remember from way back when that The Hun bought me an American subscription for my birthday a few years ago which was pretty good, except it was always in the opposite season and all the prices, places and products were American. I have only skimmed through this one at work and it's looking pretty good!

  • I've almost finished the second last Harry Potter and I have to say it's the one I've been the least into. I don't know if it's because I haven't seen it as the movie and that makes me uncomfortable, but I realised last night that there's been a whole lot of faffing about with not a whole lot happening - Harry has a stoopid book, Hermione wasn't talking to Ron, where's Draco, shrivelled hand, Slughorn's a sad old man, blah blah blah. But I got to the bit that I think signals the exciting finish as of this morning, so it still has time to redeem itself.

  • Some of you might be aware that I have scheduled myself a visit to Queensland that hopefully won't fall through this time. Rinpoche has rescheduled a visit over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of February so it seems that myself and somewhere between 1 and 5 16 - 24 year old boys will be descending upon Brisbane and the Sunshine coast. At this stage we're planning to fly into Brisbane on Thursday 21st February where I plan to have dinner with some lovely people, drive almost 2 hours up the coast on the Friday, spend the weekend meditating and doing some training, then returning to Brisbane on the Tuesday for our flight home. I'm so excited about this. Not only the holiday but really getting somewhere with my spirituality - I can't wait to see where it takes me.

  • I bought some earring and a bangle and black headband and a black pair of little peepy toes and another dress to get me through this weddding season - there are now three in two weekends. I will do my best for suitable pics.

  • I think that's about it for now - I'm sure there'll be plenty more as I've got procrastination study out the wazoo over the next two weeks or so!
Peace out, ladies and gents.


Trish said...

I've been buying Men's Health for my husband for a few years now - it's refreshingly free of the kind of bullsh*t you get it some women's magazines. I hope Women's Health will be the same in that sense.

Enny said...

trish - I've been trying to buy Men's Health for The Hun for years, but he's just not as interested in it as I am! I read it last night, it really was quite good - highly recommended!

LaLa said...

Has Women's Health just been released? I've never seen it before and suddenly I am seeing it everywhere.

Look forward to the wedding pics, I love a good frock.

Enny said...

lala - yup! First issue out now, second on November 11 :o)

Anonymous said...

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