Sunday, October 07, 2007

Welaxing Weekend

I had a lovely weekend with no uni work hanging over my head - I do need to write 300 words wrapping up the terrible presentation we ran on Thursday, but that's not due until this Thursday.

The Hun headed off to Neligen for a friends bucks weekend - five boys on a houseboat for two nights. I had to laugh when my sweet boy indicated he was looking forward to a quiet weekend where he could just lay about and read - I'm looking forward to his getting home to tell me what ACTUALLY happened!

Friday night gf1, gf2, gf1's housemate, gf1's housemates 'gf' and youngest bro came over for a night of musicals and moscato (I am such a tragic I even made it a Facebook event). I thought it was really good of youngest bro to pass up on some overtime work to come along given that he also is not a big fan of the musical, so that was really nice.

I watched Footloose for the first time - can't say it was one I'll feel the urge to watch again.

We then conned everyone into watching Phantom of the Paradise - a film that was my mum's favorite of all time that she has the family hooked on as a bit of a cult classic:
I can highly recommend this as the best 70's horror comedy musical thriller love story there is!

We also watched RENT which was breaking point for youngest bro (my love of the musical and it's soundtrack is equal to the amount of pure hatred he feels for it) so he went home. In the end, gf1 and her housemate were the last to leave, with gf2 sleeping on the couch and sneaking out before I woke up on Saturday.

Saturday I went to my parents house and mumsy, dadsy, middle bro, youngest bro and I headed out to civic for some lunch and to see Death at a Funeral at Dendy. I'd give it about a 7/10 - it was generally pretty funny, with some really funny parts (not as funny as SuperBad, but probably more suitable for people like my parents!) but I have got to say: Why are the Dendy theatres so small?! We were in the second row from the front, having walked in 10 minutes before the start, and it was packed out!

After the movies we dropped dadsy and the boys at home and mumsy and I got our granny on and headed out to OfficeWorks and Pialligo.

Officeworks is always fun with mumsy - she's a big fan of stationary and the sort - and we had set out to get some paper to make invites for dadsy's 50th coming up next month (that he is officially in denial/anger/depression about). At first we were just going to buy some paper with a pretty border and print something off, but we ended up with two types of paper, some push pins, some stickers, some gold pens and silver and black envelopes. Dadsy's been called overseas for work for most of next week, so I'm going round to see mumsy on Saturday to help put together the invites and pretend I have an artistic bone somwhere in my body.

I also love Pialligo - I honestly think the main motivator for me for buying a home is to have a garden. I have NO green fingers and I have no idea about what should be grown where and how to grow it, but I just love to look at it all, plus I LOVE Peter from Gardening Australia - I could totally get into buying those gardening magazines!

We bought three beautiful pots for the paved area out the back - mumsy was looking for some small plain dark pots, but we ended up buying some largish round pots with a greeny-blue-brown drip down effect (if that makes sense). They were 50% off so only $60 each and a lady that passed us in the shop, the serving lady AND dadsy all commented on how nice they were, so it was definitely a good buy. I also managed to find my dream plant:
Flowering dogwood - look at the flowers!

After that I came home and did some coloring in (yes, I did) and started the sixth Harry Potter book. Today was spent catching up with some extended family, doing the groceries and sitting around on my ass.

It's weekends like these that make you realise how much you should appreciate having your partner around!


M said...

oh my god that MOVIE, I grew up on that - it's a masterpiece, in a very tragic (and glorious) way!

Enny said...

m - OMG!! You've seen it?! PHOEEEEENIXXXXXXX!!!

Aurelius said...

I had a gf once who was a an of stationery.
I don't get it. Odd thing to be keen on.

Enny said...

aurelius - I dunno - there are weirder things! I like it because it means I like to think I'm organised, bit it doesn't ever really work out that way... my mum also likes storage :o)

Kate said...

That flower is super pretty.

Enny said...

kate - I know! I can't believe how obsessed I became with it while we were at the nursery :o)