Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting close to vote time

You can tell, can't you? The number of voiced over ads are on the rise, as is the amount of time spent thinking about why on earth these promises haven't already been, you know, done.

I posted a while back on not knowing how to vote and got some great advice from commenters, and I thought I would quickly touch back on the topic and let you know about a post of Ruth's that I really appreciate.

Please click on the link to her (November 12) post, read her advice and click on the links in her post to read the policies.

I guess it's so blindly obvious that we should all feel a little guilty for not doing it ourselves... so get those reading glasses, thinking hats and deciding fingers ready - 5 sleeps to go!


DelightfulJen said...

I'm so pumped!

I hope my Kevin07 shirt arrives in time :) What perfect election day attire!

Enny said...

d'jen - that's the spirit! And I've often wondered where people were getting them from!