Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ticket fiasco

Ticket buying is getting more and more ridiculous - I'm pretty sure you remember my whinge about Big Day Out (if you didn't experience yourself and/or know people who went through the same struggle) and I know that we only just got in with Muse and Homebake too.

Well, it seems Bjork was no different.

My rambling dot points were right - it was THE most disorganised pile of dogsh!t there ever was. My Friday morning in dot point form:
  • Open Festival website, see nothing indicating how to order tickets from site;
  • Wait until 9am for BUY TICKETS HERE to appear, but nothing;
  • Call Opera House 8 times in a row, fail to get a dial tone;
  • Find list of phone numbers on festival site where tickets can be bought, ring all 6 a few times until one finally starts ringing;
  • Commence 20 minutes of being on hold to Moshtix;
  • Frantically refresh the Festival sites;
  • Crankilly whinge to self about the Opera House site showing a combination of 'timed out' and 'results not found' when clicking on the 'Bjork' icon;
  • Get through to Moshtix only to be told that they have no idea what I'm talking about, even though they are listed as a ticket seller for the event;
  • Call The Hun and ask him if he can see anywhere to buy tickets on Festival site;
  • Start searching Ticketek site for Bjork tickets;
  • Get cranky at website because it keeps showing 'time out' whenever I select 3 tickets;
  • Call The Hun and ask him if he can get them from Ticketek;
  • Keep trying Ticketeck and Opera House;
  • Call The Hun again and find out he has given up because he couldn't buy 3 or 2 or 1 tickets - turns out firewall was blocking ticket buying, not the website;
  • Finally get through to Ticketek on phone - be told they are all sold out;
  • Call The Hun to tell him they're sold out and struggle to hold back tears;
  • Call middle bro to ask him to keep an eye on eBay for me for tickets to Bjork because I will pay anything to see her;
  • Call the Opera House - be told that yes, they are all sold out.
  • Email The Hun, eldest bro and middle bro a message filled with expletives bluntly stating dissapointment;
  • Receive reply from eldest bro stating he hopes she'll hold a second show as there is a few free nights between her show and Big Day Out;
  • Receive reply from middle bro stating he hopes she doesn't hold a second show - ignore;
  • Receive reply from The Hun indicating a truck crash on the road we need to take to get to wedding - reply that my day can't get any worse;
  • Call The Hun to whinge about how the firewall was making it look like the websites were down when actually they weren't and if only I'd know I could have got The Hun or middle bro to buy the tickets for me earlier or I could have started late...;
  • Tell The Hun that no, I didn't reply to middle bro's email - why would I, he was being nasty hoping that there wasn't another show;
  • Drop jaw in shock as The Hun tells me to open the attachment on middle bro's email that I obviously didn't see and find out middle bro managed to buy me the last ticket available from the Opera House site;
  • Feel tears of anger turn to tears of joy.
So at this stage, I'm going by myself. The Hun will come up to Sydney with me, and may try to get in on the cheapo tickets they offer on the day, but that's pretty unlikely.

So, lemme know if you're going! OR if you know somewhere to get some tickets - the prob is they aren't sending tix out until January 7, so it's going to be a bit of rush to buy them that way!


Amanda said...

Ooooo, middlebro is so good! I don't really love Bjork, but I'm super excited that you get to go, since you love her so much.

DelightfulJen said...

Awwww, I like when stupid brothers come good in the end. D'Brother also has his moments sometimes too.

I am quite certain it will all work out for the best, even if you have to go alone it will probably be better because you can just enjoy the music and not worry about someone else having a good time/getting lost/being able to say.

Hooray for getting a ticket :D!!!

Mick said...

Have you been sent your BDO ticket yet???

I'm still waiting.....I want it in my hot little hand!

But yay for Bjork! Wish I was going too.

Rosanna said...

If your brother is single then that's a crime against humanity.

Enny said...

amanda - Isn't he?! Perhaps one day you will be :o)

d'jen - Heh heh, he definitely has his moments - it should be good, though may be the first time I've been alone in Sydney! Hopefully we can get some sorta ticket, otherwise I'll be wandering the streets alone....

mick - Nope! I seem to recall they were delaying them as well? Me too!

rosanna - He is! Check him out on facebook ;o)