Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dot Points

Heeeeeere's Dot Points!

  • Go to Bevis' TV is my life (if you don't already!) and check out Big Blogger - this guy puts tonnes of work into doing this just for our entertainment and I'M FINALLY IN THERE! Hoorays!

  • Do you think it was intentional that the Win/Nine lineup for tonight is 'The Great Weight Debate' and then 'Body Doubles - The Search For The Worlds Most Beautiful Identical Twins' - how's your self esteem/body image/binge eating going now, fatty?!

  • Running out of time to sell me car! Curious? Know somebody who might be? Email me or give them my email address!
Dark green/blue 1996 Nissan 200sx (Luxury Spec s14):

Turbo 5 speed manual;
18 inch chrome wheels;
3 inch exhaust with 5 inch tip;
Boost controller;
Blitz blowoff valve;
Pod filter;
Turbo timer;
Alpine Double-DIN MD/CD player;
Fibreglass box with subwoofer;
Pillar mounted gauges;
Non-stock front bar;
New sports suspension, New ABS Brakes and New tyres;
Power windows, Sunroof and Side mirrors;
Dual Airbags;
Full 3 year service history;
Female owner/driver (as was previous owner/driver);
Serviced, detailed inside and out & full tank of petrol
$15,500 ono (all serious offers considered)

  • In other 'stalking Enny' news, we're going to Tilley's on Saturday night to see Holly Throsby (you can usually hear one of her songs here). I'm really hoping it's good - The Hun jus finished saying that he proddly wouldn't like her on CD but should be really good live.

  • TJ is blogging again! Ch-ch-ch-ch-chuh check her out - NOW!

  • I'm also looking forward to checking out Floriade on Saturday as well - I'm meeting gf1 and gf2 - hooray for flowers!

  • When we were kids my dad would always yell at us 'IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME, COME HERE AND SAY IT!' if he couldn't hear it - it was so frustrating! Now? Now I'm yelling it at The Hun, as he has decided the time he most wants to talk to me is whenever he's in the kitchen and I'm in the loungeroom and the door is closed and the TV is on. BUT HELP HAS ARRIVED! Today I bought these and one of them is about to go in the kitchen:



Adam said...

I bet you $2.60 he doesn't use it.

Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

I reckon Holly Throsby would be pretty good live :)

Floriade looks cool as well!

You are going to have a fun weekend, Enny.

Adam said...

Also, if you were to write about me, what colour would the word 'Adam' be? What about the other bloggers?

These are the important questions we need to know!

Anonymous said...

My offer for the vehicle is $600 less the tank of fuel??
Could the communication be a subconscious reference to your relationship with 'the hun'? or just lazy?

Enny said...

adam - Sounds about right. It will be him yelling, me paging, then me yelling down the phone!!!

d'jen - I'm really looking forward to it now! A night(ish) out should be lovely =o)

adam - woooOOooh - you'd be a lightish of blue! D'jen would be a nice rosy pink =o)

halliwell - Ha! $600 is a lil too low for a 'next offer' for 15 500 ;o) I don't undersand your reference to the relationship? And not sure I understand the flower reference (I think there are roses there too?!)

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok $685 with the cow print car seat covers.
The reference is to do with the communication.. phones yelling and what not.
I abuse the tulips because I'm a flower grower, guess which ones?

Enny said...

halliwell - sorry buddy - no car seat covers, but there ARE dragon floor mats in the boot if you like! But still, not enough $$$.

Ah ok - nah, communication is all good - he's told me he does it only as it's one the things that doesn't bother him that he knows stirs me up.

And I think the fact that you talked about it that way means you're definately NOT what trying to insinuate ;o)

Enny said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Enny, Im a little confused about "And I think the fact that you talked about it that way means you're definately NOT what trying to insinuate"
How about a trade straight up Suzuki GXSR-750 2005 model, blue and white, , Brand new rear tyre (Michelin pilot 2ct) custom undertail, rear hugger, tank protector and bag, Oggy knobbs, 12 months left on warranty??

Enny said...

Anon - Is that a motorbike? TOO SCARY!!