Friday, September 15, 2006

Speaking of bizarre coincidences

Remember this?

Yeah, a month to the day ago.

I'm not lying - I had another dream about her last night.

We were like at a beach house or something and were put together for something (yeah, sorry - I'm a bit vague!) and we made small talk. We both knew what had happened but we didn't say a thing about it. And then we started to talk some more and though I can't remember what really happpened, I remember thinking it was nice. And there were no hard feelings.

So there you go - I guess you're forgiven, Kate!


Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

I can't believe it was only a month ago, it seems like much longer.

It's good to know you've made some sort of peace with the issue though. I've also had dreams like that where I talk to people I previously mad/cranky/upset with and it just sort of makes everything ok.

Well, I guess you've got one less bit of baggage to carry around iwht you :)

Enny said...

D'jen - I know! Bizarre, isn't it?! I guess so - in fact I'm normally fine after I sleep off something - I can't imagine how many sleeps have passed since then! Is it less baggage? Or am I jus getting stronger...?! ;o)