Sunday, September 17, 2006

Holly Throsby!

We got into Tilleys at around 7:30 (having incorrectly gone to O'Connor shops first) and met up with one of The Huns friends and her new partner (he was lovely!) to grab some dinner before the show. When I'd called earlier in the week to see if we could book a table for dinner (you can't) I asked if they had vegan options there - "oh yeah of course". Unfortch, the way it works is that you can't get in until 7pm on show night and they only have a snacks type menu - dips or an antipaso place (vegetarian option available) - luckily for me (as I was STARVING) they put together a vegan one which was quite nice.

Anyways, enough rambling.

The lights went down and we were treated to Ollie Browne (of Art of Fighting fame) and he was fantastic! I hadn't conciously listened to any AOF stuff - tho The Hun was singing/playing/strumming one of the songs before we left for the show (and was a lil dissapointed I didn't recognise it!) - but that guy is HAWT - yum (tho his gf was in the audience BOO!) He had a really smooth voice - my closest comparison was John Meyer, but not as 'whiney' - he was fantastic. He did five or six songs - all lovely and quiet and soft, and he talked a lil in between and was entertaining.

Then the delightful Ms Throsby came on, supported by bass/cello/mandolin (Jens I think his name was) and a local girl who played drums, xylophone, keyboard etc and did some backup sining (she got a big cheer from the crowd).

I thought I had only heard one song of hers (the myspace one) but discovered during the show that I had also heard two others.

If I could sing and perform etc, I'd love to be like her. She uses low tone, she articulates very well and her lyrics are very descriptive - it's enchanting. And at the end of the show? I lined up like a fangirl and bought both albums AND her EP - I didn't have enough money for Ollies stuff though, so we're hoping that it'll be available elsewhere (tho I don't know if the band stuff will be AS good as his solo stuff - we'll keep you updated).

My only criticism had NOTHING to do with the show - some rudef()cks had their mobiles on. All through Ollie's show you could hear the interference coming in and out, and you could see ppl with their mobiles on, texting away all the way through. It continued on all the way through Holly Throsby's show until after the third or fourth song the drummer piped up in between songs asking ppl to please turn off their mobile phones as you could hear all the interference - hardly anyone moved. I will be honest and say that I didn't turn mine off (though it was on silent) and I had my handbag between my feet so that I'd feel the phone if something happened.

Anyways, the song like two tracks later was a really quiet one - jus her and drummer - and the ENTIRE TIME there was phone interference! It wasn't just once or twice and all spread out - there was continuous back and forth texttag going on!!! I looked around and there was a lady sitting at the bar right in front of the sound equipent texting away (her message tone was audible!!) and an older lady in like her 40's sitting behind me was doing the same!! So after the next song they asked again for all phones to be turned off and lotsa ppl applauded, and the owner lady (I think) came on over the PA and told everyone who owned a phone to please double check their phones were off, otherwise the lights would come all the way up and they'd check them all!

So there you go - besides the rudeness of some VERY ignorant people, it was an absolutely fantastic show. I loved all her songs and found it entrancing, and the albums are guaranteed to be on high rotation for the next few months until I can sing all the words and visualise myself on stage - catch her if you get the chance!!


Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

Isn't it exciting when you find someone else whose music you appreciate? You're right though, it's the rules you will never find his stuff anywhere else, or his band stuff won't be as good. It's just one of the magical moments sent from the gig gods.

How annoying with the mobile phones! Who goes to a concert to text anyways? That's so rude for the performer, regardless of wether it's making interference. I kind of wish the owner did check everyone's phone that would have been funny.

Enny said...

d'jen - It is great! I'm promising myself to keep more of an eye on the music scene, spesh round Tilley's as such an intimate type venue and it's been fantastic both times I've been there. I've found their stuff on myspace (they have four songs) and it doesn't do his voice justice (as The Hun commented on the way home).

I couldn't believe it!! The phone noises were just going all the way - surely they should have some common sense, particularly after the band asked! If it was something super important they shoulda just gone outside - and the people behind me were old enough to know better!!