Sunday, September 10, 2006


Why did I 'make the change?!'


So, if I haven't commented with you recently, it's coz of frickin beta - you hafta sign in with your gmail account... so if you allow only Bloggers to comment, I AM BEING CENSORED - YOU CAN SEE MY MOUTH MOVING BUT CAN'T HEAR THE SCREAM!!!


Enny said...

And courtesy of D'Jen it seems that unBeta ppl can't comment here either.


(C'mawn, everyone else convert too!!!)

Living in Canberra said...

I actually like it, although admittedly it could do with having the bugs ironed out sooner rather than later. Hopefully Google will get their shit together on it - looks like they've pumped more resources into it the last few days ... many of the glitches I experienced are now getting fixed, although my comments feed is still stuffed and I can't post photos from Picasa nor show a Flickr badge.

Enny said...

lic - I do hope it sorts itself out quicksmart - things like logging in can take four or five goes (saying the account doesn't exist, wrong password, logging out my gmail etc) - I jus woulda thought they'd have the basics covered before they'd release it!

Lulu said...

Test, test, test! If you can read this I can still comment. But I don't use blogger.

Hope you sort your tech problems out soon Enny!! Beta versions are always a bit cars...the originals are the best!

Anonymous said...

Test, Test by Adam.

Anonymous said...

The message is "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request. " when you try from your blogger account.

But, because you are the smart, your annoymousnessimouse has got around it.

Yeah, Lulu is right, Beta is like beta, everyone prefers VHS. Except not these days.

Enny, you rock! (Whoa! I can say whatever I want when I'm anon.)

Lulu rocks also, she's way groovy!

Anonymous said...


Teo said...

Huh? You've had problems with Beta?

I think your problems stem from actually having people looking at the site, coupled with the fact you write information provocative enough that people want to comment. I've managed to stay away from these traps, and no problems with Beta as yet.

Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

Stupid Beta!! How annoying that it's trying to keep everyone from commenting on your blog.

Fear not Enny, Beta won't keep me away :)

Enny said...

Well! I have fans!!!

lulu - hooray! it wouldn't be so bad if everyone in the world was using blogger... ;o)

adam - grrr. one of the big issues seems to do with the mishmash of accounts/logging in. DO YOU HEAR ME BLOGGER PPL? FIXITNOWTHX!!!!

PS - no ;o)

teo - heh heh - if you commented more then you'd notice some of the issues, and i commented without an issue at yours but I'm i've been touched by the betaspawn too. GO SAY HULLO TO TEO EVERYONE!!!

D'Jen - I know!!! But I'm glad you're still here =o)

- Ap's for the extreme usage of smilies and exclamation points ;o)

Lulu said...

Did you hear that I am groovy? I have fans too!! How sweet!

Anonymous said...


Enny said...


halliwell - I can't!!!

BEVIS said...

Enny, I don't know if you're reading Big Blogger or not ... but if you aren't, now might be a good time to start.


I realise you may not have been following along with this exciting and captivating online soapie / reality TV show / whatever it is, so my advice to you is that you simply use the list of Big Blogger links in the sidebar of my TV blog to catch up with each episode in order. If you do that, I'm certain that all will be well with the world.

Boysenberry said...

Hmmm, I didn't think my comments were being blocked by Beta.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

Dagnammit! I just posted a way groovy message and then forgot that I had to be anonymousness and lost the whole thing.

The basic gist of the comment was:

Vote 'Enny' to 19 10 10.
She is totally great in Big Blogger and I hope she causes a mighty rukkus soon.

P.S) You've assumed that previous anon was Adam when it was actually me.

BEVIS said...

How come I was able to comment under my Blogger name, then?

Although, if I click on '16 Comments' on your main blogsite, it freezes my computer. No such problem when I click on the time you posted the message, though. That allows me to leave a comment.

Just a thought.

And Adam, I dare you to actually vote 'Enny' to 19 10 10!

By the way, I'm no longer sleeping. :)

Enny said...

AwwWWWwww GuuUUUUuuuys =o)

bevis - I am! I am! I am! Hooray! I do think you've captured my essence ;o)

b'b'rry - This one wasn't... were others? Also - you've haven't answered my shortcut question!

Anon - Who are you?!

bevis - It's not meant to stop unbeta's from commenting on beta's, jus the other way around - perhaps it was a momentary error?! (And I've woken you up!)

Anonymous said...

Anon/Adam says:

Um, okay, it actually was me. I was just being tricky.

Bevis, I would, except I've never phone voted for anything ever... and I'm just not ready to start.

Adam said...

Test test

Enny said...

adam - Booooooooooo!!! Heh heh =o)


(PS - verification: nudddybm - NUDDYBUM!)