Saturday, September 09, 2006

Maid of honour update

So, I promised an update on the engagement party? It was pretty good! Small, at the Bride and Grooms house - mostly family and martial arts people. It was cold outside, but I had my vodka, lime and Diet Sprite, so I was all good. I also found out the date and the location of the wedding and reception (via one of our new martial arts students - Magf thought she had already told me where it was).

So today we did our first bridal party dress shop. You may be aware from my previous posts that I'm not all that educated on the whole 'bridal party' thing - I was under the impression that the bride presents a dress to the bridesmaids and says 'here you go'. I was wrong. My job today was to pick out any dress I liked, and as long as she liked it then it could be approved. Unfortch, I'm not much of a girly girl (duh!) so didn't have much idea - but quickly got into the spirit of it all.

We visited four shops today - Rosies in Fyshwick, White Doves in Fyshwick, Annabels in Kingston and some place on the main road of Queanbeyan.

Rosies: looked icky from the moment we pulled up outside the red building. We had an appointment and rocked up early so that we were prepared, and were 'greeted' once we caught the attention of one of the staff. She gave us a half assed 'intro' and left us to our own devices - the appointment time came and went - 15 minutes after our appt time we were standing at the counter trying to get the attention of somone - ANYONE! Some girl was actually paying for something so she got the full attention of the boss while our lady was busy with someone who musta jus walked in. Jus before we were about to walk out we were finally seen to - there was actually another staff member working who had been standing there watching us trying to get served! They took Magf into the changing room and she tried on a few dresses with the assistance of the staff member - the dresses seemed overpriced and of a fairly poor quality (they'd been up to Sydney the week before to have a look at some others). Then it was my turn.

To my disgust, the lady decided that she would stay in the change room while I tried on my stock standard simple bridesmaids dress. Not only that, I had to wrap my head in a scarf before she'd 'dress' me (I kepy my jeans on under). Needless to say, Claustrophic and BodyIssues Enny was NOT impressed with this experience at all. AT ALL. And that was BEFORE I realised that all the ones I was trying on needed to be a size bigger.

Next stop: White Doves. It was lovely in there - clean, nice smelling, open, bright, friendly young things willing to serve. This the store where Magf found her first choice - a fair bit more than what she'd planned to spend - but it was BEAUTIFUL. I tried on a few and yet again - they wouldn't do all the way up at the back.

Then on to: Annabel's. I didn't like most of the staff there - they were a bit too snooty - but there was a fun young newer girl who helped me out, and I found the first dress that I looked at myself in and went 'Hm! I really like this!' Magf wasn't AS sure, and didn't really find anything in there that she liked.

Finally: The one in Queanbeyan. At first I was a lil weary, but the little Chinese lady that served Magf was really lovely and helpful, and encouraged her to try a few styles she wasn't keen on at first sight. This is where she found her second and third choice for her dress, and the most likely candidate for mine:

In Peacock:

When I first saw it in the book I wasn't so sure, but it does look better on. And it was Magf's fav which is the most important thing.

We also witnessed one of the other sales assistants practically snatch a veil away from a 'customer' as she thought she was looking too closely at the veil - ie, steal the idea to save money ($170 for a veil!!!).

So now? I just need to lose 10 kilos so I get some sort of shape to look good on the day/in the dress/in the photos.

Time for bed - I'm pooped - and I'm off to the gym for a hardcore cardio fat shifting workout at 12 tmr.


Susanne said...

I think the orange dress looks nice. Hope that the big day goes well. I loved being a bridesmaid.

Enny said...

susanne - hullo! a few ppl have commented that the orange is quite nice too! Wedding's not till the end of March, so there'll be pleeeenty of updates ;o)