Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another Thursday, another kickboxing class


Went a lil better than last week tho, I think.

I went thru my drawers (chest of drawers, not undies) and dug up my rib-moulding sports bra - DEFINATELY DON'T REGRET THAT! However, my shoulder is sore - methinks I need to adjust the straps a little....?!

Anyways, there is point to this -

Kranki has pointed us to this site, and because I lack imagination, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for things I can sketch and send in! Note: I have discovered that your sketch doesn't need to be any good for you to be able to see one (they're all approved before they can join the 'swappage') but I'still d really like to send a good one through!


I haven't thought of one.


I though I'd show you a drawing illustration of something I realised at the gym tonight anyway.

In kickboxing tonight we were doing a circuit thing that involved something we do fairly often - one person kneels while the other person does situps and punches the mitts thusly:

Being the person on the left there, you're left with a lot of time to catch your breath, look around and become a bit more self aware.

Here's what I learnt tonight:


Each time the mitts get punched, you feel the wobble in your arms:

So you tense your arms, and feel it in your boobs:

Tense your arms and your boobs, then feel it in your belly:

Tense your arms and your boobs and your belly, then your partner will think they're not hitting it hard enough and will try to hurt you:

Relax too much and, well, y'know...

*tee hee*

Time for bed!


DelightfulJen said...

LOL! I love your drawings! The blonde girl looks mean :)

I have never had to be the punchee, I was only ever the puncher to my personal trainer. I'd be too sissy to hold something and let someone else punch it.

Adam said...

Whoa! This is the best one of these I ever did see. Visual aids really do make a difference.

Enny said...

d'jen - glad you liked them =o) She was actually quite nice, but VERY fit, so scary. It's not usually too hard - there's a mix between hardcore punchers and softcore noobs, so it balances out!

adam - hooray!

Lulu said...

Enny-chan! ohh good luck chicken...I love the drawings though. Made me laugh! Will you send them in?

Enny said...

lulu - heh heh - I'm thinking about submitting them, but they're nowhere near the standard of some of the others I've seen!