Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dot Points, Pot Doints

  • Our 'Biggest Loser' update: 1kg = 1.32% weekly loss = 2.10% total loss

  • 360-something photo's printed for $70 something dollars? *hearts*

  • Photo album that holds all those photos for $10?! You get what you pay for (it doesn't close properly with afore-mentioned photo's in) *sigh*

  • BUT - 400 (vegan) recipe's for $40 dollars?! I need never enter a bookshop again!

  • Lindt Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almond will become my husband (pretty much everything free) (including dieting guilt!) and only $2 from Coles

  • Tonight I'll be drinking half a bucket of Margerita with two friends who I am about to add to my 'P!mps and B!tches' list

  • How are people arriving here via search?

celebity carwash
- Turkish Google number two takes you to March Archives (from doing TJ's celebrity face matcher (and spelling celebrity wrong) and sitting in the carwash (two seperate occassions!))

italia soccer player - Spanish Google number two for my second pervy look at half-nekky men..

o rly, ya rly no wai - Google lucky number 13

my brother in the balls - Google number ten - I was unsure why this one kept coming up, and I've only just found out why! See (sorry, bro's!);

audrey tautou's hair - My Da Vinci review here;

sweaty hunks - Yahoo number two to here for lovely rugby men;

information on george gregan and his work with his sons epilepsy - Google number four on why union is better than AFL (I hope they could find some proper info rather than my pervy ramblings!!)

tuggeranong- nappy valley - Google number nine

what rhymes with teo - Teo, was this you!? Combination of a post about the bet and the fact that he's in my blogroll (Google)

kirk hammett hair plug - (Swedish?!) Google number four from one of my first posts (reveiwing the Metalicca doco)

marshmallow tower pictures - Google number ten (from camp)

what does myeh mean - Yahoo number eight

gay celebity - Google number three from a combination of TJ's face thing (again) and my pr0n exploration

sunburnt scalp - Archives from martial arts camp (Google)

womens pretty thick legs - Yahoo number 18

italia soccer team - Spanish Google number six

dogdoors - Google number 29 to my archives (If I were a millionaire I'd buy two dogs and dogdoors)

shitsu dog haircuts -Google number nine

gowrie act what does it mean - Woo hoo! Google number one for the fact I mentioned I'd lived in Gowrie, ACT (ie, it's not an act, it's a place)

notes on org.behaviour - Google number nine (I'll be doing it nex semester)

why does lighting a match get rid of poop stink - Google number five (I think it's got something to do with burning up the smelly gas?!)

what are all the odd words listed at the end of spam e-mals - Google number four to some archives where the words "words" and "all" appear in one month;

rub-a-dub-dub 3 men in a tub - Google number nine (half-nekky men, again...


Boysenberry said...

Gawd, your reasons for being Googled are far more esoteric than mine! Hmmm, maybe I should put a bit more thought into the old blog...

Enny said...

B'b'rry - Why thankyou! I must admit, reading yours is what made me all the more curious on how people were finding me (tho I must go back to read your archives to try and find all the references that your people are finding!).

Teo said...

"what rhymes with teo"

I have no idea; I certainly didn't search for that.

Enny said...

Have you got a stalker then...?

Tell them that I reckon 'Creole' might rhyme ;o)

Erica said...

Ohhhh! That Lindt chocolate is my second most favouritest chocolate in the world. I currently have a stash of about 10 blocks. One week it will be on special at Safeway, the next at Coles. My most favourite chocolate is Green and Blacks Maya Gold - dark chocolate with orange and spices. That one's completely vegan, AND fair traded too (but incredibly expensive...)

Enny said...

I know! I'm going to hafta duck out and get some more - but the packagins was slightly different last time I saw it at the local and I think it had something on there I wasn't supposed to eat!?

Mebbe looking again will sort it out for me...