Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fringe Benefits...

Seems not that long ago I was sitting on the couch n discussing getting a fringe while I was supposed to be studying.

I admit that I have a tendency to get caught up fads that come ago, and there is a realistic chance that my BB obsession and insistance that Claire is the prettiest is what brought me around to wanting to emulate my hairstyle on hers, but I did a lil research and found that a fringe will, in fact, be good for the shape of my face:

Not Enny, and not her fringe

Besides, I wear my hair up ALL THE TIME, so the least I could do is put some effort into the part of my hair that's NOT constantly tied back, and then maybe work my way up to putting effort into my whole hair and wearing it out more often than just special occassions.

NAYWAYS. Last time I had a haircut, the hairdresser insisted I book an appointment for the future - she promised she would 'turn' me to a hair-out person, who would get her haircut more than bi annually AND keep her foils and colouring up to date.

That haircut was supposed to be this morning.

(oooh, such suspense).

Last night, after afore mentioned fringe discussion, I decided I best at least do some highlighting in my textbook to look like studies - I was slouched over in my usual corner of the couch, textbook in lap, highlighter in hand and head in other hand, when I 'reconnected' with my head mole.

I was pretty freckly as a kid (weren't we all!) and I've always a few moles - not moles as in Austin Powers mole, but a 'speckled assortment' shall we say.

Not Enny, and not her mole.

My grandmother had skin cancer, so I've always been very aware about getting my spots checked - a couple here, a couple there and one in my hair.

(Can you see where this is headed?!)

So as I was getting reconnected with my mole-in-hair, I realised it had changed quite dramatically, and as I am prone to do, cued up instant panic and internet googling.

As soon as The Hun pulled up in the driveway I was out there in a flash (not unusual when I've been home alone all day, I'm definately a ppl person) but looking more worried than happy-go-lucky-puppy-eyed.

He schooched me into the toilet to have a look under direct light (the bulbs have been blowing and I incorrectly picked up screw bulbs instead of baton bulbs) and he took a photo for me to have a look at it.

LUCKILY FOR YOU, I seem to have temporarily misplaced my camera cord, so I can't publish it for you (pending urgent requests).

First thing I noticed was that it wasn't brown. It was pink. Cue flashbacks of nights googling where a pink mole is DEFINATELY a bad thing, and a nights worth of 'amusement' as I 'joked' about my 'head cancer' at every opportune (and potentially inappropriate) moment.

A trip to the doctor this morning ($60!) has done some to both settle and unsettle me.

It seems that my 'mole' was never a 'mole', it's always been a 'something-or-other' that is some sort of pink noduley thing. So I needn't worry about the head cancer thing.

(Side note: I had one on my leg as a child and the doc was going to remove it but had some cotton tied around it that he got my mum to hold as he was getting ready and she 'accidentally' pulled it off that way)

However, the fact that it's grown and is in the way of, say, brushing my hair and/or getting it cut, it was deemed necessary that it be removed asap.

Next Tuesday I have an appointment in a 'surgery but it's actually in a house' in O'Conner where the reffered doc will examine my nodule.

Then I will be going back at set time to have set nodule CUT OUT and have THREE STITCHES inserted.

"Oh, and you'll want to cut the hair around it, roughly half an inch around to make it easier for when the stitches go in and come out."

You'll be pleased to know that this is one moment when my insane urge to must, Must, MUST complete an act as soon as it was suggested to me DIDN'T overwhelm me - I might ask the new doc to maybe do that for me as he sees appropriate.

This incident has introduced a few other 'issues'

~ I'm meant to start another boot camp on Monday - I'm guessing I'll be out of action while my head has a bit missing - does that mean I'm not going? And will I get my $100 back?

~ Will I still be going to cabins down the coast next weekend with hole in head?


~ Will I get time off work?

~ Will I get time off work to work out how I can wear my hair without ginourmous bald spot/gunky stitches?

~ When will I get my fringe?


Erica said...

Oh dear. And you were so excited about your fringe too. I hope the operation goes well, and your hairdresser can cover up the bald patch.

Susanne said...

I second the Oh dear.

Susanne said...

I think Claire (Clare?) is pretty too, and I like her personality way more than Krystal's. Also, Claire/Clare has real boobs and is pretty naturally, whereas Krystal seems to really work at it.

Enny said...

erica - I know!! Talk about a let down >=o|
But thanks for the hopes and we'll see what can be done

susanne - thnks too! I can't wait for krystal to get out Out OUT! - Claire is prettier and nicer and genuiner and her boobs are all that!!!

Ampersand Duck said...

You're just lucky it's winter which mean that you can wear funky HATs until your hair grows out. Or you can get all of it cut short and please your hairdresser mightily.

Bummer. Best of luck.