Friday, June 30, 2006

So, how was your day?

- Drove to Batmans Bay alone
- and was running late, because I was
- Stuck behind a truck on the clyde where I was in first gear AND braking, as well as
- Being stopped twice for roadworks, and
- Stopped once for sheep crossing the road.

Did I mention, I was going there:
- For a funeral? And
- I hit a bird on my way there.

Once there I:
- Stood awkwardly in my typical fashion as others grieved openly and
- Kept hitting grievers with my mansize shoulders. Also,
- The Hun's ex was in attendance and
- Was called up for support for The Huns sister while she read a poem,
- whilst the best support I could manage was to nudge her with my man shoulders.

I also,:
- Realised half the family there didn't remember my name and
- offended The Hun's gramma by not staying overnight (and in retrospect feel I should), whilst
- feeling rude for not eating at the wake as all food was animal affected and,
- listened to The Hun's ex chat along fine with all the family, whilst I was left
- wondering what thoughts/comparisons were going through everybody elses heads.

I then:
- Drove home alone and
- Had to drive an interstate visitor around a bit then take him to dinner in the Civic foodcourt where I
- Lectured him on his relationship (he's M5 from here) and then
- Found a hair in my vegetarian Pide.

Since then I've:
- Finished my tub of icecream and
- Sat on my ass whilst I
- Should be cleaning; and will be
- Playing tourist host tmr whilst I
- Should be cleaning, so will proddly have to
- Wake up early.



Boysenberry said...

Enny, all in all, that sounds like a very shit time :(

Enny said...

Nice, wasn' it?!

Suprisingly, I wouldn't've said "I've had a sh!t day" - but it is a lot when you list it all down, so I'm not going to reread it for fear of realising what a sh!t day it was... ;o)i

Mars said...

Cripes. Family functions are the worst. Espesh when it's not really your family. So awkward and awful and you never know what to say, so you have a go and say something in blind faith, but it always comes out wrong and people are left staring at you like you're a Class A moron. Sigh, those sorts of functions should be outlawed.

Enny said...

Thats me - socially retarded.

I was speaking to The Huns dad on the way to my car about like not knowing what to do when people are crying - and he says "just do what you feel you should do"... which is usually standing around like great gonky fool.


Erica said...

Ergh. I think the best thing is to forget about this. If you're worried about what his family are thinking of you compared to the ex they were probably too distracted by the funeral to really notice or remember what you were or weren't doing. Speak to them at a less traumatic occasion, when everyone is less emotional. That's when you can do your best to make conversation.

And I'm sure your man shoulders aren't really that mannish at all.

Matty said...

Enny, you sound like a reasonable, intelligent person. I'm sure you did everything fine - if you're anything like me, the more you dwell on it, the bigger it will become!

Funerals are awful for everybody :(

Enny said...

Aww - thanks guys!

erica - we talked a lil bout it this morning, a lot of it was jus my noticing what was going on - I'm not so sure what everyone else was thinking. And I know they are a bit mannish, but I think it was jus more noticeable with everyone squished into the pew!

matty - that's right - the best thing I can do is jus put it to the back of my mind! And yeah, it was never going to be a 'fun and relaxed' occassion from the get-go...

Teo said...

(ignoring all the depressing stuff)

Isn't ice-cream 'animal affected'?

Enny said...

heh heh

nup - So Good Chocolate Deluxe is fine and DELISH!!!