Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy moments

I was heading off for my exam this morning jus before 7:30 and noticed that the traffic was congested.

This isn't unusual down Conder way - the selfish Gunghalites (Gunghalanites?) have taken the funding required to double lane the roads down Lanyon way, so come 7:45 on a weekday morn, a steady weave of traffic takes to the back streets to avoid getting stuck on the main road (Hint to Gov'mt: a sign installed in someones lawn reading "local traffic only" will not be enough to convince people to sit on the clutch for an extra 7 mintues each morning).

So after trolling the backstreets, I came to the portion of main road that's usually uncongested and noticed I was riding the clutch.

"What is this?!" I whinged to myself as I banged on the steering wheel and weaved around my lane "I have an exaaaaaaam today". Traffic crawled on and I still couldn't see what was happening.

And then, a gap ahead - cars resuming normal speed.

And what could it be?

A kangaroo laying nearish the side of the road.

Not injured or distressed, just taking in the sunlight and the courteous slowing down of the traffic passing him by.

Lovely, lovely people jus being careful and considerate for the lil fellah.


Boysenberry said...

She/he was there around 7:30 when I went passed, looking very relaxed.

And yes, I have a derisive snort when I drive by the "Local Traffic Only" sign. As if... :)

Enny said...

See! He wasn't hurt!! (I still had some fear that maybe he/she was and I couldn't tell!)

How much of a waste of money was that damn sign!