Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kids are the best type of people

My boss brought her daughter into work for the last couple of hours today.

Now, I'm not much a babies person (it's part of the package when they're born, right? it jus comes, yeah?) but kindy ages kids, I can deal with.

They're the perfect age to tell stories to, easy to entertain and they know just not enough for them to be a constant source of amusement a la "pssst - write this and go stick it on middle techo's desk" and spelling out swear words that she can't understand.

I've met the lil girl a few times before (once at work, once at a WW meeting, once at my bosses t'wo party) but she just thought I was the bees knees. My boss was off to get a coffee, so I took the lil girl into the next bay so she could show off her certificate and my boss followed afterall. When I tired of watchin women in their forties talk to her, I went back to my desk and the lil girl followed me.


I was THE coolest person around - proddly first time evah!

It was like at the afternoon tea I was at the afternoon tea (yeah yeah - the one that picqued me off into a whinge) and the 7yo boy there. He does martial arts so I know him fairly well (he believes my tat translates to "Enny" "Is" "A" "MonkeyButt" - yeah - it wasn't even amusing the first time!) but when I rocked up with my Pokemon cards, I was THE IT.

He was in total awe. He was all "Dad - look at this one!" and "Look at all these!" and "That's the best one!" and telling me to bring them next time so he can look again when he has his there with him. Coz he lives in two houses as his parents are divorced.

Nice way to end on a sad note...

BTW - my pokemon cards TOTALLY rocked his and NO I WON'T donate them to him in some sorta selfless act. I spent to much money on those thangs to give em up to a 7yo who'll outgrow them in a year or two.


Steph said...

I'm teh shit with my four nephews. They're into World federation wrestling and i can slam them around the room all day and they love it!!

Enny said...

Well - I came the lil boy one of those breath mint things that dissolve on your tongues and he nearly cried- so I dunno how he'd go with being thrown around ;o)