Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Please allow me introduce myself...

My name is Enny.

Enny? What type of a name is that?

It's a nickname.

So why do you sometimes get called EnnyPen or EnnyPenny?

Those are also nicknames of mine, and I wasn't 100% which to use when I started - so I think I've switched back and forth a bit...

Started what?

This blog.

What's it called?

Welcome to the Enny-Pen.

Why'd you choose that?

Well, Enny Pen is also one of my nicknames, but you could also look at it as a pen where I (Enny) am kept - so you're coming into MY space.


No. My space.

Ah, so what's with with the description up there in the top left?

It's a combination of two songs that I like and that I feel have some relevancy to me - Missy Elliots "Lose Control" and Datarocks "Computer Club". I do like to think that my face can be cute, I'm not stick thin, my legs are a bit muscley from all my martial arts and I do spurts of exercise so I like to think I can hold my own. I shake my ass when I dance and if you were to see me you'd do a double take (like I would anytime I saw someone from the internet!). AND I'm not THAT type of girl. Booger.

Okay - and what's with the pic?

That's Bjork, from her "Hunter" filmclip - she's my fav artist...and I have a tendency to pretend I'm turning into a bear when I'm doing the groceries and listening to it.

I see - and what's that blurb thing that's under her pic?

It highlights the main things about me - I am 24, I've been a public servant for over 3 years, I've been doing martial arts for 17 years, I'm a (very) new vegan, I'm a bit of a hoon, I like to say "matey" occassionally, I'm a noob at a lot of things and I can be a bit of a b!tch. I do spend my time plodding around our nations capital, I'm quite sarcastic (not here as you wouldn't be able to read it as sarcasm!) I love cruisers and breezers and I do punch boys at my martial arts school (there's not too many men there!).

Why'd you start up a blog?

When I was at home and share housing, I remember thinking to myself that I had some hilarious stories - at the same time, I became a hardcore lurker and figured I could put all those experiences into writing to share with others. That said, as soon as I started, I realised that really, in the grand scheme of it all, my stories and experiences AREN'T really all that - but I like it and I'm'a keep on doing it.

So now what?

Nothing much - jus thought I'd share!



ChickyBabe said...

Well done Enny on interviewing yourself! I can see it's spreading... :P


Enny said...


Erica said...

Hahahaha, very nice. You make me laugh :)

I always wondered where that little rhyme came from. And now I know. I always rap it (very badly) to myself.

Enny said...

Heh - now that would make ME laugh!

Greg said...

Nice self interview there Enny. Asking the questions the nation and indeed the blogosphere needs to know :-)

Martie said...

Fark. I always thought that was Linda Evangelista in your profile pic. Makes me see you in a whole different light.

Enny said...

Greg - I KNOW! I figured I had to do SOMETHING to appease the masses... ;o)

Martie - perhaps it's a shortening nickname for Evangelista...!?

(Nope. It's not)

Good light or bad light?!

benconservato said...

Nice summing up... will be nice to have a bigger piece of AU in my life, so I'll be visiting more often.

I can understand you being a bit sarcastic, anyone would living in "the plastic city".

Enny said...

B'vato - mebbe I should add that in my blurb - get some A U; straight in to you ;o)

Greg said...

I feel like i should be standing at the fence screaming now like those women did in the 60s when the beatles went by.

Well i would if it wasn't so cold out.

Enny said...

... if only i knew what you meant!

(I DO know it was cold out - fancy a Thursday with a range from -5 to 5?!)

Matty said...

Was that in '84? Not sure, I had a Commodore 64, had to score...

Enny said...

Nyeah - she's a nice girl

(I love the way he says the 'nyeah' bit)