Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gilrs jus wanna have WHINGE!

You gotta love those monthly cards that come along with being a girl...

My rant for this month came about over the weekend.

Sat arvo I had a birthday afternoon tea at my friend from martial arts place with two other martial arts ladies, my ex-instructor, my friends partner, his 7yo and a 5 yo, 3yo and 2yo.

The afternoon was spent sitting in a house surROUNDed by a bunch of screaming, running, yelling, messy, noisy kids.

It started at 3 - 3 cruisers and 3hrs 45 mins later I was leaving for the Conder house - The Hun was to be at the club to catch up on a blokey type night - unfortch my maths was out and I forget to include the time needed to get home, blah blah blah - I dropped him and one of his buddys (one of my ex-housemates) off at about 7:30...

Come 2am I was still up on the lappy, (chatting!) and perousing the big brother forums before finally giving him a call to see if I were still even meant to be awake!

Flip forward 2 1/2 hours to find him shuffling into bed after winding up the night wandering the streets of 'bundah after a house party of 3 grads and his 3 friends.

This morning I headed off to a 1st birthday party (funnily, the baby is son of The Huns high school gf - not his baby!!) whilst he 'slept it off'... then I popped back in post party to find him foetus-style on the couch, so popped back out again to take advantage of Harvey Normans 15c prints special (anyone wanna tell me what 480 * .15 is?!) and popped back in and found him doin pretty much the same thing.

And then I was meant to do the groceries. ALONE.

And so I started my monthly snap.

Let's do the math peeps:
* Arvo tea surrounded by noisy young things
* Few drinks
* Having to leave early to drop off The Hun
* Having to pick up a friend
* Having to sit alone and eat hummous and bread for dinner
* Lack of sleep
* Being woken up at 4:10 to hear about random drunken night spent with good company
* Being told at 4:30 (amongst all the great things that I do honestly love to hear when he's been drinking and all lovey) that he doesn't THINK he would ever love anyone else like he loves me (keyword: THINK)
* Being woken at 5:30 for his emergency dash to the loo that involved a bizarre opening and closing sliding doors unnecessarily ritual for an almost-spew
* Driving 20 minutes south to attend party by myself this morning
* Spending 2 hours surrounded by babies and married couples ALONE
* Driving 20 minutes back after attending party by myself
* etc etc etc

Basically - don't add hormones, tiredness, babies, married couples and extended periods of time alone when by rights I feel I should have company if you want me to not go a lil nutty.

I think I've sorted it out - I sulked, pouted, slammed things, raised my voice, stamped my feet then had takeaway and gave a fair amount of head scratchin (IN A NON EROTIC WAY!!).

It's usually just that simple!

BUT, can anyone answer me these:

Do all boys not go to things they're invited to like that?
Do they have a long line of excuses to avoid these things such as working overtime, going to a friends house and being hungover?
Is it normal as a girl to put the drunken comment + the lack of attendance + the lack of diamond rings, wedding plans etc together to create a girly tanty that would bring me no closer to those things that I want?!

(You're welcome to comment too, gents!)


Erica said...

Well, I don't really have anything insightful to say...

I just hope you are feeling better now. Boys can be frustrating. And very annoying. They don't see it this way, but most of them do annoying things and take things foregranted all too often. And then get annoyed when we get angry.

I will never understand them.

And now I'm off to be girly and wax my legs.

Enny said...

Don't stress ;o)

and *ouch*!

Sweatergirl said...

Boys do this all the time. My hubby likes to tell me half an hour before we are meant to be somewhere that he isn't going to go anymore.

Sometimes I force him, other times I make it up by going out on my own for a big bender. Boys suck.

Enny said...

... so it isn't just us?