Sunday, December 14, 2008

The big three

I have an appointment with my favorite doctor tomorrow - the one who cut out a multitude of bumps and lumps and moles for me over the last little while.

My three questions will be:
  • What is this mark that sits right in front of where I part my fringe that I thought was a burn from my straightener but has been there for months?
  • Can you please check all my moles for me? I'll get mostly nude if I have to because I don't want cancer, but I'm going to feel REALLY uncomfortable.
  • Judging by the syptoms I'm about to describe to you, what is the likelihood that I have IBS or some kind of food allergy that I am going to hate, but will feel much better for having had diagnosed?
Post your best bets in the answers and I'll let you know how close you are!


D'Jen said...

1. "A scar from the burn, use Bio-oil and toughen up"

2. "Why yes, please get nekkid for me and I'll go fetch my magnifying light thingy."

3. "It's possible, but are you stressed? Because if you are stressed then your tummy can do bad things and make you sick from eating food you can normally handle, at least my tummy does. And by my, I mean if I was actually a super cool blogger by the name of D'Jen. However, I am not, I am your doctor"

Enny said...

d'jen - close!

1) Blood vessels - he can stick a needle in it or I can get it lasered.

2) He had a good look and I'm getting two cut out on the 5th of Jan. I'm going to get him to recheck a couple on that day that I'm not sure he saw, just in case I need them out too.

3) It's something I can live with, but it might be worth testing just in case. I gave like 6 vials of blood and it it's not serious then we'll talk about it on the the 5th of Jan.