Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not asking much, just a token, really a trifle...

Some B2B (brides to be) make outrageous demands.

Do not cut or die your hair until just before the wedding.
I want everyone to be under 65kg.
Your partner is not good looking enough to attend.
You must attend all three of my showers, my kitchen tea, my hens night and girly sleepover.

All I ask is a select few of us learn this dance.

(if I were leet enough I would have embedded it here, but I can't work out how, so you have to click through).


Adam said...

I assume your official request that I be a bridesmaid is still in the mail?

Enny said...

Adam - it's dependent on your dance skills! It might just be quicker for you to post it to youtube...?