Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Review: The Deck at Regatta Point

For reference: The Deck at Regatta Point.

Waiter: Drinks?
Enny: I'll have a vodka, lime and lemonade.
Waiter: Sure.
Enny: And are you able to ask the kitchen what on the menu is suitable for vegans? We called ahead and the said there were a few things.

Time passes

Okay - you can have the salad or the bruschetta.
Enny: Bruschetta sounds great! If there's no tallow in the wedges or chips, can I have some on the side?
Waiter: Okay.
Time passes
Waiter brings out bowl of warm cherry tomatoes covered in vinegar

Enny: Hi. Sorry. Um. Should there be bread with this?
Waitress: Did you want bread with it?
Enny: I thought bruschetta was meant to come with bread?
Waitress: The bread is not vegan. Did you want the bread?
Enny: Um no. He didn't tell me that it wouldn't come with bread...
Waitress: We won't charge you full price, did you want something different?
Enny: He said there was salad or bruschetta and that was it?
Waitress: We don't have any salad.
Enny: What about the pasta with tomato sauce?
Waitress: It has egg and milk in it.
Enny: Isn't most pasta just wheat and water?
Waitress: Our is not.
Enny: ... just forget about it.

I eat the warm tomatoes covered in vinegar. During this time I find out they gave me warm soda water, vodka and an f*load of lemon, and they don't come back to check on us in 2.5 hours, 1.5 hours after the water has run out.

Enny: ... This is ridiculous. I'm thirsty and where's the bill?!

I ask for the bill and sit down.
I go back and ask for water - they point to the fridge and I get my own three bottles.

10 minutes later, still no bill.
I go back and ask for the bill again.
I go to the bathroom.
I go back and ask for the bill for a third time and he gives me a docket.

Enny: Are you kidding me?!

The bill is spelt out like this:
Misc meal $21.90
Misc meal $16.90
Misc meal $24.90
Misc drink $6.00
Misc drink $7.00
Misc drink $7.00


Enny: Hi. I'm just wondering how much you're charging me for lunch? I got the bruschetta without bread.

They reprint the bill. One of the misc items has changed from $21.90 to $16.90.
They charged me $16 f*cking 90 for a bowl of warm cherry tomatoes.

Rating/Review for The Deck at Regatta Point.
Useless service, incompetent waitstaff, zero communication.
Only worth going for the view - you're better off buying a softdrink from their cafe and sitting on the grass to drink it.


Cinders said...

That's disgusting Enny. You shouldn't have given them a frickin cent and I would've walked out without paying. How can they not have any salad?

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't pay? Stuff like that makes me wild, I wish I was there, I would have torn them new buttholes.

Enny said...

cinders - I know I shouldn't have!

lala - I did... and I was ropeable... BUT!

A guy at work complained on my behalf, even though I told him not to, and they're sending me back my money, and have given us a $150 voucher to go back! No way in all heck I ever would, but he's going to go :o)

Emily said...

I've only heard bad things about this place...

Trish said...

I don't have the nerve to refuse to pay, though i will complain if they ask me how my meal was. Had lousy service at First Floor a couple of weeks ago and the world's worst breakfast at My Cafe last Sunday... inedible eggs and smoked salmon. I complained about it but the owner just brought out an unopened packet of salmon and said "see? is fresh!" and I lost my nerve about offering to pay half the bill. Anyway, just wondering how you actually say "I'm not paying for this meal" without risking being slapped about face with a packet of salmon?

Enny said...

Emily - the more people I speak to, the more I hear this! We went for the view, and because one of my team mates had been to a wedding and really enjoyed it, so perhaps there is some truth to the cafe and function area being different...

Trish - I know what you mean, I never even considered not paying.. and each time I stormed in and stormed out, everyone just presumed I was yelling at the staff, when it wasn't like that at all! Particularly when I get so embarassed to see people carry on at staff sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story; if ur vegan, don't go out