Monday, December 01, 2008

Hi friends

They arrive tomorrow!!

The one on the left is Seymour, he is my little boy.
The one on the right is Tesla, he is The Hun's little boy.
The other one was for us, but the guy was keen to keep one of the yellow ones as they are rarer, and it's easier to tell them apart when they are quite different.

Aren't they beautiful?

The bird man is bringing them over tomorrow and helping me set up the cage. I can't wait!

I got to hold Seymour on the weekend when I went around to visit them - he sat on my finger and looked up and me and made a little noise. He has a spot of green on his face because he was out in the grass and bumped his head.

This may just turn in to a crazy bird lady website, so bear with me.


flashman said...

Be *very* careful if you let them out of the cage, because they will wander the floor. We lost one when he walked under my aunt's foot.

LaLa said...

Tesla reminds me of my school colour code - grey, yellow and white.

Weird I know.

I can't wait to get my kitty, only downside is that our new kids cannot play together.

Enny said...

flashman - that's terrible!!!! We will definitely keep an eye on them...

Lala - we should have called him LaLa! Yeah, maybe no playdates for us ;o)