Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh sunny days

I went to brunch with gf1 and gf2 this morning, and it was the first sunny weekend day here in like a month.

So I got burnt.

You would think the girl who is going back in two weeks to get two more moles cut out would be a little more sensible.

Other than that - not a lot to report. I'll either hear from the doctor this week about the results of my blood tests, or he'll elaborate a little more when I go back on the 5th for some cut-chop-cutting. The hypochondriac in me is kinda hoping there is something going on, so that I sort my health out, the other half is hoping that there is nothing and I'll just wake up to myself and eat right.

Next year will be my year - there will be so much fantastic stuff going on, and I am looking forward to getting myself toight and terrific before my birthday, and maintaining it for the big day.



306 days to go!

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