Sunday, September 28, 2008

It only got worse

I think I have just come out of the worst flu I've ever had.

There was a time like 5 years ago when the infamous 'flu of death' went through our house - it only struck one person at a time, and all you did for 3 days straight was sweat, shower, sleep and sweat.

Tuesday I was feeling pretty bad, right? I then developed a massive headache and then slept for 14 house straight, then wasped around the house all Wednesday. Went to The Huns parents for Family Tea, felt okay and then got up on Thursday and went to work.


It was so draining. I was tired, coughing, blowing my nose and getting hot and cold sweats. I left work at 2:30 and slept for three hours then woke up with ANOTHER migraine. I managed to sleep most of it off, but then spent all Friday coughing and blowing my nose and feeling worse. It was around this point that I wondered if I would never feel better - which of course made me feel worse (and yes, I worked half of one day the week after I interviewed for a promotion... nice work, me).

Anyways, I think all the extra nose blowing helped out and I perked up enough to actually be sociable with The Hun. Saturday I went back to the DFO with mumsy and played out a kitchenware version of Pretty Woman with her - the kitchen is being renovated and she'd never furnished a kitchen with proper stuff from the get go... it was SO much fun! Saturday night I hit the movies with gf1 and gf2 for gf2's birthday because my illness lamed me out of cocktails and dinner - which we'll be doing next weekend.

Today I went to a bbq for The Huns touch team and then cleaned my room - I have some EXCITING PLANS for it, hopefully this week.

Anyways - the whole point of this was to say.... NEXT POST = 600th POST!


Mikey_Capital said...

You and me both man. I got it from theNoo when I gave him an airplane ride to make him feel better and he drooled in my mouth...

Anonymous said...

Come on! Post already :P


Enny said...

mikey_c - EW!!!!

Deb - jus checking if there's still anyone out there ;o) Actually, v busy with work and haven't had the time... it's coming soon, I promise!