Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy 600!

It's been a while hasn't it? Since my last post, and since my first post... so, seeing as I'm looking back on old times, I'd like to share with you some photos from old times!

You should have known I'd not be one of those tidy prissy girls, right?
I'd also like to give a shout out to the bro's, who so kindly offered to not be yellow faced here - I'm figuring we're not exactly identifiable at such a young age... but we'll see, I guess!

Myself, middle bro and eldest bro.
When I told my parents that I was planning on growing my hair long from now on, my dad told me I should cut it short like it used to be... I think I look like a boy (particularly in this one). I remember I went with mum once when I was in high school to get my medium length hair cut in Manuka and the hairdresser thought I was a boy - so perhaps I'm doomed either way.

(Dadsy), (mumsy), Myself, middle bro, youngest bro, and eldest bro.
Check out those long legs! I was destined to be tall, I tells ya.

Eldest bro, myself, (dadsy), middle bro and youngest bro.
This is one of my favourite photos. When we had to do a poetry project for year 9 english, I remember looking at this photo and writing all emo about how we used to be so happy blah-blah-blah... I just wish I could look at it without remembering that!

Middle bro, myself, (dadsy), youngest bro and eldest bro.
This was a Christmas tradition in our house. Dadsy had a special Christmas book that we weren't allowed to touch, that he would read it to us on Christmas Eve after we'd been to mass. It was hard covered and red, and all the photos had gold ink on them - it was a very pretty book!

(Mumsy), youngest bro, myself, eldest bro and middle bro.
Speaking of Christmas - one year we got bikes and stackhats (well, youngest bro got a bike seat and a stackhat) and mumsy told us that Santa had moved them around. I was so excited by that.

Eldest bro, middle bro, myself and youngest bro.
One thing I did notice is that we were very good at making our own fun. Surely we weren't the only kids who had great fun running through the bindies with shopping bags...?

Eldest bro and myself.
Playing in soot also seems to have been a fun past time...

(dadsy), myself, middle bro and eldest bro.
This was DEFINITELY funtimes - standing one the wood while dad sawed through it - just thinking about it makes my feet tingle!

Myself, Nana, youngest bro, Pa, eldest bro and middle bro.
Here we are with my Nana and Pa - I still have that stuffed dog, her name is Little Lou, named after the neighbours who had a dog called Lou that looked just like it.

Pa and eldest bro.
Here is one of my favourites of my Pa - I don't know if it is just the camera angle, but he looks totally huge!

Eldest bro, myself and eldest bro.
Shout out to the girls with Cabbage Patch Dolls! Desiree Venora and Holly Violet.

Middle bro, myself, (mumsy) and eldest bro.
Another favourite to finish it off - we're doing our best chicken impresonation in front of our chicken pen - check out middle bro's moves... tee hee hee!

Anyway - hope you enjoyed the post, I'll be waiting for my 600 bunny-winks from each and everyone of you!


Cinders said...

Happy 600!!
How is it that everyone's childhood photos all look the same - I love it. Didn't realise how much stack hats had changed.

Jacqueline said...

Awesome photos! Especially the stack hats one :) Oh the memories!

I can't recognise you in any of these photos though...

Lulu said...

Happy 600 posts! I am no where near that!

Love the photos- I think you haven`t changed much when I look at most of the photos- so cute! Bring back 80`s kids clothes I say!

Anonymous said...

Happy 600th! This is like looking at photos of my family, except there were more boys in yours!

My Mum gave me that yellow stackhat and I was spewing... I thought it looked like egg yolk.

Enny said...

cinders - thankyou! They've definitely become a bit more streamlined over the years ;o)

jac - heh heh, I love old photos! I look different, huh? :o)

lulu - you would be near there, surely! So you thinkg i look the same! You and Jac need to armwrestle it out!

lala - heh heh, a lot of families would have a lot of similar photos... my brothers loved the yellow, I wasn't much of a pink girl :o)

Mars said...

too cute...! did everyone look the same in the 80's or what? between your dad's stubby shorts and those stackhats, i think we all had the same childhood... :)

Mick said...

Thanks for sharing the memories Enny and congrats on the 600.

Love the grain of those old photos and the way everything just looked so much 'duller' as opposed to our highly defined visual world we have now!

Enny said...

mars - I think we're pretty much in the standard 80's uniform!

mick - thankyou! It probably helps that I don't have a scanner and had to take photos of the photos to get them up here ;o)

Cléa said...

Popping in to wish you a happy 600th and to say what a great idea this is!

Such a cutie in these photos. Now I know where you got your yellow face from! ;)

Enny said...

clea - thankyou! It was lulu's idea, though, so she can take ALL the credit (and yeah, it's hereditory!) :o)

Jen said...

Rah! Blogger ate my comment, it hates me now that I'm WP exclusive.

I agree with everyone else, my childhood looked exactly the same as yours. I have similar photos wearing similar clothes doing similar things, those were the days :P

I might drag out some old photos before I leave now, just for old time's sake :)

Enny said...

jen - it's a fickle mistress! We didn't get to see your pics - perhaps on your next international visit home :o)