Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Down and Out

Oh you guys, seriously. I am UNDER the WEATHER.

That sore throat from my interview day just kept getting worse and worst.

Saturday morning it was killing me to swallow, Saturday lunchtime I lost my voice, Saturday afternoon I thought I was going to pass out, Saturday night I was freezing.

Sunday I was croaky and snotty and sore headed all day, and Monday was much of the same but with a foul dip in the middle of the afternoon.

So that should be enough, right?


Today I've felt my worst - like five days later!! How rude!!! It's all up in my head. I have a certificate to also have tomorrow off, and Thursday if I need it, but I'm out of drugs and the doctor was not my usual one, so I think she thought I was a junkie as I kept saying I was out of pseudoephedrine and needed the real stuff, not the fake stuff.


Here are some dotpoints for you:
  • We passed the one month engaged mark - it has been a fantastic month for the both of us! What a difference one moment can make in one persons attitude, affecting all facets of life.
  • I'm really loving Antique Roadshow. I thought I was set in my ways, clicking on to the news as soon as I got home, all grown up like. But no, now I'm a nanna. I just love hearing the stories the oldies tell about these things they've picked up along the way, and their unadultered shock and delight when they get the value explained to them! It's so lovely.
  • We finally found some of the Woollies home brand garlice bread that is vegan. Oh man. I tell you -it is DIVINE.
  • We took Pounder to his behaviourial class on the weekend, and it was great. I have definitely found what I want my 'next' career to be - they really knew their stuff! We learnt a whole lot about the theory of different behaviours and conditions and drivers in dogs, as well as some methods and solutions to try to remedy these. The Sunday we brought our pets along and Pounder was very well behaved, other than his new habit of grinding his teeth - odd. We got some one-on-one time with one of the trainers to get an idea of what we can do to help his walking, his spinning and his anxiety, and we've noticed a little difference in him already.
  • Getting close to the 600th post, and I have a pretty good idea of what's to come - excited?

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