Sunday, September 07, 2008

Crossed paths

Life is full of them!

The Hun and I lived in two adjoining suburbs.

We went to the same primary school, same high school and same college.

The girl he was dating in year eight is (now) one of my best friends - our friendship started that same year.

The girl he dated after her lived in my first group house with me.

His younger sister was in the same grade as middle bro.

His dad went to the same gym as middle bro.

His mum works at a uni, as does my mum.

His dads cousin appears to have worked with my Pa...

So on and so on, until the weirder ones:

He is exactly eight days younger than me.

His mum is exactly eight days younger than mine.

Both were married in the same year, less than six months apart. In the SAME church.

Folks - I think we've found our wedding venue.


Desci said...

This post is made of Awesome. And congrats on finding your venue! It's so lovely to have a place with such meaning. Awww.

Enny said...

desci - we still have to see it... though would have to be TERRIBLE to make us not want it :o) It also means we've effectively bypassed the whole 'do we have it in a church?' thang.