Friday, September 19, 2008

I - day

Today was my interview.

Today was also the day I woke up with a sore throat as part of my first cold of the year. NOICE TIMING.

I'm unsure about how it went - in retrospect, I could have answered at least one of the questions better, but I focused on my body language, tried to stay cool and made use of the opportunity to make a statement at the end to talk up what I could bring to the team if I were chosen.

Something that did go well was my brand new chemist strength deodorant! I had to go see the doctor last week for a pill renewal (and managed to get onto the one that also improves your skin) and decided I was tired of always being so self concious about my stank, so picked up some super-super-super strength stuff. I tell you - this stuff is AMAZING. Not one damp/stanky spot on my shirt all day! My poor stockinged feet were another story.

So again, I'm not sure how I went... Chances are that most of the other applicants were more qualified, but I've received some really good feedback today (that I can't really elaborate on!). It would be great if I got it, but if I don't then it's also fine - I will be travelling soon, I've been promised more development, and my interests have been noted by other senior members so I'll be sure to be able to get involved in the areas I'm more intrested in shortly!

Will keep you updated... now I'm off to bed to hopefully get better before a weekend of dog-behavioural-training for crazy Mr Pounder.

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