Sunday, September 14, 2008

DFO Opening

The long-awaited Canberra DFO opened earlier this week - I was very lucky to get a pass in the mail (they sent out only 3000 invites for the opening night) and rocked up with middle bro, eldest bro and eldest bro's gf at 5:30 and found a spot in the line closer to the door with magf (who got a pass at the last minute after gf1 dropped out). They opened the doors early to try to manage the crowds, and quickly realised that people weren't going to stay in their orderly line as people started surging up the stairs (the security guard got a big cheer when he arrived). One of my workmates was out in line and she wasn't in there until 6:30pm.



It's a real shame the food court was blocked off (they held some VIP thing in there) so there was NO food - they had 3000 Canberrans in there from 6pm - 9pm, it would have been a guaranteed money maker for them!

But I still managed to buy:
  • Table 8 work pants ($40)
  • Table 8 work shoes ($20)
  • 6 x Cotton On singlets ($36)
  • 2 x Converse Singlets ($30 from $80)
  • Jag Jumper ($25)
  • 6 x over-door hooks ($7 - and crazilly they don't let you close the door when they're on... how ridiculous!)
  • 3 x work shirts from Jacqui E ($93)
  • Fila shoes ($60 from $120)
The great thing about it was that it had current styles in mostly decent sizes - the Brand Depot we have here is totally useless. I will definitely go back again - in fact, I'll be taking middle bro out to buy him an outfit for the engagement party! He has done an AMAZING job dropping close to 50kg now and he is keeping me motivated for my workouts too, so I wanted to give him something for that.

And perhaps I'll run into Mick there again (how random was that, Mick?!).

Shoe and other photos coming shortly!


D'Jen said...

Nice work!! I want shoe pics :)

I must warn you, when Bris DFO opened I went with Bestie and it was the best shopping day ever, totally epic, however since then DFO has been lackluster.

Not bad, by any means, but never as well stocked and cheap as it was on the first doesn't stop me going back every few months, just to check, though ;)

Anonymous said...

I have yet to check out the DFO up here... I normally stick to Stones corner... the place has TOTALLY DIED since DFO opened, but it's great in a way because I can find Jacqui E & Table Eight stuff in something OTHER THAN A SIZE 6! haha. Actually just the other day I scored 3 tops for $30 that had been reduced down from $90... cant beat that!

Anyway, just thought you might find this website of use:

friends of mine used it when they got married and it turned out to be super useful...


Enny said...

d'jen - you will get them as soon as I get me some batteries! When I was up for your farewell I talked the DFO up SO much, but then yeah. Fail.

Deb - heh heh, yeah, I know what that's like... good work with your bargain buy!! Thanks - I've registered me a page :o)