Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So - remember this post? I got a call last week saying that I had been shortlisted and they wanted to phone interview me. And they did. And I had NO idea how it went, but it seems it went well because I got told yesterday that I have an interview - this Friday morning. EEP!

  • If I do get it, it's a promotion. It's the area I want to be in, I will be able to actually 'do' something, rather than giving other people the tools to 'do' something.
  • If I don't get it, my boss has said I will get more training so that I can eventually get into the same area.
  • If I don't get it, I will get feedback on what I need to do better next time.
  • If I don't get it, it's not like I'm unhappy where I am anyway.

  • If I do get it, it's scary. It's harder. It's all new and a change from what I've done here for the past five years. And I'm hearing a lot of things from my big boss that indicates she doesn't believe I can do it, damn self doubt.
  • If I don't get it I will have to keep working with someone who perhaps didn't believe I could do it anyway. Damn self doubt AND shame.

  • I bought a belt to go outside my shirt and I'm not the kind of girl who accessorises so I'm not going to know if it looks dumb. For example, it doesn't seem to have a second loop on it (to catch the end) so should I buy a different one? I don't know how high to wear it. I don't know if it's even one you're supposed to wear on the outside (EDIT: Retried my shirt on and it doesn't need an outside belt. Problem solved!).
  • I've always been a fan of the 'rock up and see how you go' style of interviewing, but all signs seem to point to this being one where I have a fair chunk of reading to do beforehand.

Bring on Friday lunchtime, I say.


Lulu said...

I hope it all goes well! Best of luck

Trish said...

If it's a public service interview, and you don't get it, they might have a merit list, and you might be on it, which means you might be eligible for a job at that higher level somewhere else, without having to go through another process.

At the very least it's good experience. If you want some specific advice about public service interviews, you know where to find me!

As for the colleague/would-be boss who you suspect doesn't think you can do it, you should ask her point-blank what she believes are your weaknesses, and get her to sign off on the training courses that will address them.

Enny said...

lulu - thankyou!!

trish - thanks! The big boss has already 'promised' that if I don't get it, then there will be trianing that she will put me on. We can only see what happens I guess...!