Monday, June 30, 2008

Pretty much the best day I've had in my life to date

You may remember in my last dotpoints I told you about maybe finishing uni early? This is what happened over the last month or so:
  • Enny has three units to complete (presuming she passes the two she just sat exams for) - ISO, PP & BS
  • Enny enrolls in two units (ISO and PP) for Semester 2, 2008
  • Enny emails the ISO lecturer/tutor (who she had for previous unit) to see if there'll be a tute on another day (so she doesn't have to drive into uni three days a week)
  • ISO tutor says 'no BUT you don't need to do the unit anyway because you seem qualified already'
  • ISO tutor says 'you can probably get credit for BS too'
  • ISO tutor suggests calling course convener (CC)
  • Enny calls CC
  • CC says ISO tutor is probably right
  • CC says to get ISO tutor to email her
  • Enny calls ISO tutor to ask him to email CC
  • ISO tutor emails CC
  • Enny calls CC two days later to check on progress
  • CC says will get to it the next day
  • Enny calls CC another two days later
  • CC says she is marking and will get to it at the end of the week
  • Enny receives email telling her she has three units left to complete degree - ISO, PP and BS
  • Enny emails CC to confirm that she will not get any credit as initially suggested
  • Enny emails CC after no response for five days to confirm that she will not get any credit as initially suggested
  • CC emails Enny to say that she can get credit for ISO and BS
  • Enny emails CC to confirm she has credit for ISO and BS and needs only do PP next semester to graduate at the end of the year
  • CC says 'Yes'.
WOAH!! That's all pretty awesome, right?

So then I emailed the ISO tutor to say thanks:
  • Enny emails ISO to say thanks
  • ISO says 'no worries'
  • ISO says 'would you like to speak to my students next semester about working in the real world'
  • ISO says 'if you ever want to tutor, come talk to me'
See? That's the only way my other exciting uni news could be topped!

And after all that, I left work at 4pm to go to the post office to pick up my book - the post office guy was curious about the box and asked what it was (a book) and if I didn't mind him asking, what type of book? 'It's a book to raise money for charity where people submitted stories and mine is in there!' which made him call out 'Wow! Congratulations, published author, congratulations, congratulations!' (without me prompting him) AND I lost 2.2 kg this week!


Rosanna said...

2.2kg AND a published book! You should absolutely pat yourself on the back for that week :)

Enny said...

rosanna - I know! I am looking to patent the design my new shoes - ready for walking on clouds!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

holy shit! holy shit! and holy shit! im so happy fpor you!

deb oxox

Enny said...

Deb - Heh heh heh - thanks!!!