Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Edits - round two

Am currently trawling the archives and making some edits - this is for a few reasons (TSSH, anyone?!) but mainly to do with the book.

Some people might click through here because of what I wrote, and I want to perhaps show a few RL people what I wrote. Meaning I should really look at what I've written in the past 3 and a bit years and questions whether I'd be comfortable with those words coming out of my face.

Am resisting the urge to delete all the rubbish (ie, 75% of what I wrote) and simply censor some of the total BS I have spewed forth in the past. What a trip down memory lane...!


Sarah said...

Reliving the archives is such a roller coaster ride for me. Some of it makes me laugh, others- what was I thinking?!

Enny said...

Sarah - ugh, it's more of the latter for me!