Thursday, July 03, 2008

After all that excitment

.. I musta run out of puff!

Actually, I just got busy again.

Some of my martial arts students have a pretty big grading coming up on Saturday morning, and there's a certain level of stress that comes with being one of their instructors. There's been a lot of planning and rushing and fretting and thinking and teeth gnashing. I've been at Bunnings getting supplies for breaking, catching up with a visiting instructor from Darwin, writing and rewriting a grading plan, ordering people around, planning fights and board holders, contacting seniors and generally being a stressball.

Tomorrow night I'm being taught a new form, then training for two hours and then having dinner with two (senior) visiting instructors and Magf. Sat morning I'm at the hall from 8:30, doing grading prep and calling and fighting, then I'm (HOPEFULLY!) looking at houses for sale, then going to dinner and drinking a fair volume and dancing to embarass my students. Sunday I'm going to see a movie for martial arts fundraising and then collapsing into a hot mess.

Keep us in your thoughts people!!

(PS - Uni results out tomorrow - ARGH!!!)
(PPS - If I somehow manage 2 HD's, The Hun is going to buy me a new Guess Bag. If I don't get the HD's I will probably buy it myself. IT. IS. TEH. SECKS.)

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