Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a ride

It's been interesting going back and really reading everything on here. Sadly, it's been bad interesting more than it's been good interesting - BUT I can see the way my style has changed over time, and in turn, how the comments have changed over time.

Things are quieter in these parts. So I have a few questions to ask to see if we can't make this all a bit more enjoyable for all involved.

You're more than welcome to be anonymous too:
  • What do you like about this blog?
  • What do you dislike about this blog?
  • What would you like more of?
  • What would you like less of?
  • Anything else you want to add?
Thanks team!


Amanda said...

* What do you like about this blog?
I like the blogger. No, fo rizzle. I tend to only read blogs (and actually comment) when I like the person behind the blog- and that's you! In terms of posts, I'm not sure which types of posts I like best... maybe the ones about your family and the Hun?

* What do you dislike about this blog? Nothing I can think of! You write about different stuff, so it doesn't get boring with the same old thing every post.

* What would you like more of?
I like the posts that are emotional, either happy or sad.

* What would you like less of?
Erm... nothing? Sometimes the music festival type posts can get really long and I can't finish them, but it's not like they're every single day!

* Anything else you want to add?
I can't believe you managed to revise all 3 years + of posts... that's a mammoth effort!

LaLa said...

I have been quiet, on my blog and everyone elses. Agree with Amanda that the music festival posts can be a bit long, but that is probably because I have no idea who most of them are. So you are educating me.

Other than that, perfect!

Adam said...

What do you like about this blog?

Well, thanks for asking. I like that this blog using words to tell a story or describe a scenario. It's way better than the medium that my blog has been using of late which is no words. No words suck.

I always like that this blog tells it like it is and doesn't just tell jokes, or just happy stories, or just sad stories or just stories that won't get a rise out of a young dude because there about another dude and his not yet proposing.

I especially like the ace drawings and diagrams and the pictures of you with a smiley face or similar.

What do you dislike about this blog?

Well, sometimes I look at this blog through my RSS feed and I'll see a massive chunk of meat just sitting amongst the sentences. You'd be surprised how often I specifically go to a vegan website and find myself disappointed that every single post is about how delicious bacon is. YOU PORK INDUSTRY SPONSORED VEGAN BLOGS SUCK!

Apart from that, I don't think there is anything I dislike about this blog. It's pretty sweet, but I admit that I don't comment as much as I used to because Google RSS doesn't lend itself to it as much (it's a whole extra click) and when I'm at work it's more obvious I'm reading blogs because they are all colourful and pretty while Google Reader is supersafe in it's drollness.

What would you like more of?

More poems and love songs about your various commenters. Perhaps a Top 40 charting hit single about Nerdfests. I'd say I'd love to see more diagrams, cartoons, drawings, but that's just me, I like pictures.

What would you like less of?

Yeah, I would less of the posts where a bro or two will say something mean to you and you don't chuck them in a vat of acid or play childish yet hilarious practical jokes on them in revenge. I mean sure, you're totally an adult who'll have a house soonish and will blog about mortages and insurances, and practical jokes are ridiculously immature but my life has no cartoon violence in it whatsoever, so I'm guessing yours should.

Anything else you want to add?

Yes, I think that the blogworld has totally shrunk and thus the coolness of blog isn't so common. I blame this on our ever increasing need to be entertained with newness and coolness. Blogs have become old skool. RSS feeds have made the whole thing easier, but now I totally skim/read a kazillion blogs instead of investing my time to good blog friends.

Jenn said...

"What would you like more of?"

More cowbell!

Aurelius said...

I'm just here for the boobs

davey said...

I was just here for the boobs, but then I got distracted by all the violence. Now I'm here just for the violence.

..Sorry I can't add anything constructive Enny, being a greenhorn and all. I'm sure everything is just peachy though. Don't change a bit.

davey said...

Oh ps! We both come from Canberra!


Enny said...

Thanks for the feedback guys - keep it coming!

amanda - Thankyou! It's true - I think the music posts are mostly written for me, so I try to cram as much detail in as I possibly can, rather than thinking about what make me good reading...!

lala - Thanks! I hope you can come back soon :o)

adam - Thankyou! I think the words do help, though I do try to find things I can do in pictures for you too. I know what you mean about the RSS too, I'm quite quilty of it and I don't follow comments as well as I used to.

jenn - Okay! *dink dink dink*

aurelius - Ah mah- You're going to be seriously dissapointed!

davey - sounds like we need some foxy boxing in these parts (and really!? Awesome!!)

Adam said...

You're the quiltiest.

Enny said...

adam - I have no idea what you're talking about?! :o)

Mars said...

adam is right... the bloggy gang that was around about a year or 18 months ago has dwindled in size. i'm still here... but sometimes i read, and sometimes i don't. can't say why.

Enny said...

mars - woah stranger!! I wish you were back around more BUT I wish more that you're having a great time all that way away - it's getting close to our one year anniversary of almost meeting ;o)

Mars said...

no way! i forgot about that... hehe. yeah, i am around... i just normally can't be arsed commenting. sorry, i know it takes all the fun out of blogging when no one comments, god knows, i'm a bit of a tragic the day after i do a post!

ps our almost meeting was totally kiki's fault, wasn't he meant to pick me up or something and then just didn't?

Enny said...

mars - well, it's like 3 months off, but still. I seeeeeem to recall someone was too hammered from going to a pre-party? Hrm? ;o)

Mars said...