Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hallmark says "I love you"

The more astute of you may remember my breakdown-phase I'm constantly in in February (see here and here and here for snippets of my povvy angst).

The February breakdown was particularly significant as it was buoyed by Valentines day - as part of 'calming me down', The Hun indicated he had selected a day at random that he would send flowers to me at work, because surely that is more special than an American Hallmark 'tradition'. I would ask and ask and ask and he'd never let me know when it was, telling me it was a suprise and that it was circled on the calendar.

Yesterday I got a call from the registry desk to say I had a package, and it wasn't until halfway to registry that I realised it was proddly for flower day - yet when I got to the desk there were no flowers there. Until the guy asked if I was me (to which I answered in the affirmative) and he presented me with a lovely bunch wrapped in purple and pink. Needless to say I gave a little squeal and simultaneously walked, blushed and sweated my way back to my desk to give him a call to say thankyou and that yes, it was very sweet and lovely and that he can send me flowers at work for flower day and valentines day every year from now on.

What made it all the more special is that the 'random' day he had selected was September 11. Not all that random. It wasn't until recently that he realised that it might not be a good day to send flowers in case people thought I had lost someone in the twin towers, so he shifted it back a few days.

Boys - believe you me - there is NO BETTER WAY to get brownie points than to send flowers to a girl. Fact.

Girls - you must spread this story to all the men you know in the event they will take 'initiative' to send you some flowers.

Happy flower day + 1, everyone!


LaLa said...


You lucky duck.

Enny said...

Lala - why thankyou! Perhaps someone will get the hint for you :o)

Adam said...

What on earth would I do with brownie points?

Enny said...

adam - buy a brownie, of course!