Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekend Wrapup

  • I didn't make it to the Canberra meetup - Thursday night, The Hun informed me some of his friends were coming over for beers at poker, so he could drop me into town at 7pm at the latest and wouldn't be able to pick me up. Eldest Bro and his gf are in Vanuatu, mumsy and dadsy are down the coast and middle bro and youngest bro were boozing it up at some charity thing, leaving me with a $70 cab fare hanging over my head. When mick let me know that he wouldn't be out there until 8:30 at the earliest I got more and more anxious, not really knowing anyone who would be there at 7pm. And so I piked. TJ - I'm so sorry for not letting you know - I'd figured you were too busy with the move and didn't think to say anything. I woulda been hella p!ssed to rock up and find it canceled...
  • As of this morning I'm more than 5kg down! That leaves me 7 to drop in the next two months and I'm thinking I'm good for it. To celebrate I had a salad sandwich and a chili tofu sushi roll for lunch followed by a singular Haigh's frog. ROCK ON, WILD CHILD!
  • My feet have shrunk a half size to a terribly annoying 8.5 that is not stocked in many places, particularly in synthetics - I tried on four pairs of sexi shoes this morning and could not get a proper fit. WAH.
  • I think I have to buy a lock for my mailbox - D'jens supercute earrings I bought still have not arrived. Damn you, Nappy Valley thugs!
  • That assignment that I freaked out over? 75%!! You cannot believe how relieved I was to see that. Thanks must go to The Hun who started to sit up with me to cheer me up, my new friend in my tutorial who answered my idiotic questions via FaceBook and to The Student who sent me an electronic slap in the face to wake up to myself.
  • As tertiary proof of my winning personality, I am currently also sitting on 17.6/20 for tutorial participation (worth 20% of the final grade). The massive wave of joy I was washed with as a result gave me the courage to ask my tutor the important question - How long did it take you to grow your ponytail? His response - 10 years.
  • The Hun and I were planning to see Ratatouille tonight - did you know it's not released until next week? Do you know how much it has been advertised for not even being released yet?! It doesn't really even look that good, but my experience with Pixar is that they never look that good in the ads (see Finding Nemo, Cars and The Incredibles) but they always turn out awesome.
  • Gf1, gf2 and I saw No Reservations last night - I won't say it was awesome because it wasn't, but it wasn't THE most terrible film I have seen. The guy was quite hot but should have had a shorter fringe - it was distracting. On the brighter side, Catherine Zeta-Jones got less annoying to me as the movie went on (once it started I was instantly reminded of how much I dislike her for no particular reason at all) and it stars the young girl from that movie with the family that take the young girl to the dancing competition?!
  • If anyone is at all curious about attending Club Med Body and Soul at Lindeman Island this year, please Please PLEASE send me an email?!
  • Happy Fathers to all you dads for tmr!


alyndabear said...

Bummer about missing the meetup, but woohoo on all the other good news. 5kgs? So awesome. I'm completely jealous!

Enny said...

alynda - yeah, was a bit! Thanks - I'm pretty chuffed with myself ;o)

DelightfulJen said...

I'm so cheesed they didn't ever arrive. If you can give me until Tuesday when my wave of assignments is over I will suss out whether I can remake them for you (or something similar) or just refund you, let me know your preferred option.

5kg is so good!! You must be so chuffed, I would be. I think I have gained at least that much being parked on my ass writing assignments for like a week now ;(

I want to see Ratatouille too! It has been advertised for over a month now. I think I am going to see it with Wifey when she comes back, I think it will be really cute.

Back to assignments now *tear*

Enny said...

D'jen - It's not your fault at all! I'll buy a lock tmr and let you know on Tues - I'll gladly pay for them again :o) 5kg IS awesome, I've been 'celebrating' a bit today though! When I couldn't see it on the timetable I figured it must've finished already, so in a way it was a pleasant suprise - have fun with uni... I'll be nagging you for distraction when I'm doing mine!

Amanda said...

I think a lock for the letter box is a good idea- one package going walkabout could be passed off as an accident, but two? There's something dodge going on there.

Well done on the 5kg, that's fantastic!

Blogger, seriously. 8 letter word verification? Urgh.

Enny said...

amanda - advice heeded! It's going on tmr! And thanks - I've had a bit of a lazy weekend though (shh!). Overkill, eh?

Rosanna said...

Club Med?! Congraulations on the weight loss xo

Enny said...

Rosanna - yeah! What do you think?! (and thanks!)

DelightfulJen said...

Enny, I still feel bad even if it is the result of a no good mail thief.

I will remake you another pair, let me know what colors you'd like and I'll come up with a nifty consolation prize...which hopefully does not suit the taste of whomever is perusing the contents of your mail box.

Enny said...

D'jen - I will wait it out and put the lock on. I do hope it's not been stolen, that would make me SO MAD! Can you send me the link again (my Firefox crashed) and I will keep an eye out for another pair I like :o)