Monday, September 10, 2007


When I'm thinking of something that makes me happy or listening to a song I like, there's a half smile on my lips.

This is often the case on the seven minute walk from carpark to work. And the seven minute walk from work back to the carpark.

Today I saw a man standing by his car, waiting for the traffic to pass so he could open the drivers door to begin the journey home. On his face, a half smile.

He looked like a smug tosser.



DelightfulJen said...

Maybe he WAS a smug tosser?

I think it's heap easier for a guy to look all smug and cocky when he is half smiling but girls get away with looking sweet/happy because most girls can't do the smug smile as their default smile.

I hope this is the case because I often smile to myself and I hope I don't look like a total twit (though I normally am smiling because of something funny I have done or someone else has said)

Amanda said...

I'm guilty of this myself. I'm particularly conscious of it on the bus- I usually sit facing backwards, so everyone can see me- and when a lovely song comes through my headphones, I can't help smiling. I hope I don't look like a smug bastard... but I think Jen is probably right- it's much harder for girls to pull off the smug bastard look by default.

Enny said...

d'jen - no, he was more of a nerdy geek. So he had sweet/happy potential but it just wasn't happening...

amanda - you do have a defualt half smile, as evidenced by your photos!

Rosanna said...

Oh, dear god - I am a smug tosser, too. Although, in the sunshine I frown. I can't help it. People always wonder why I am so cross.

And (I can't believe I'm about to admit this)... but sometimes I even talk to myself on the tram. OH. MY. GOD. Rosanna. is. mental.

I don't actually have conversations but when the tram is going slowly, I start to let the cat out of the bag - with a bit of 'oh, for goodness sake!'

Steph said...

Smug tosser over here too, only I don't only smile to myself, I friggin LAUGH. Beat that!

Enny said...

rosanna - In the sunshine I pull a face that once caused my friend to ask if I realised just what I look like. You sound like a fussy grandma on the tram! :o)

steph - now THAT does not suprise me!