Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dendy Premier Lounge

Thursday was gf2's 26th birthday (AAGH!) and in our current habit of denying birthdays, she decided it was going to be 'just another day' - appropriately, the flowers gf1 and I sent her at work were accompanied with a card wishing her a lovely non-birthday full of lovely non-birthday things.

To celebrate together, we decided to get our snob on on Friday night and visit the Dendy Premier Lounge - something that is quite new(ish) and novel here in Canberra, having only had a Dendy for about a year now, I think. We were a bit cautious about it too - I heard a range of poor reviews (such as this one) when it first opened, but had also heard good things of it lately.

Gf1 called ahead and booked the tickets - she was told we could line up in the special line and be served straight away, however we stood in our special line while they counter lady served three of the 'common' people before directing a guy to help us out - that wasn't so impressive for the $35 a ticket she had prepaid.

We were directed through an archway thing to a little bar area, where a lovely guy talked us through the process of seating and ordering, then proceeded to be super patient with me as I questioned him and the bar girl and the kitchen staff about the ingredients of almost everything on the menu to determine what I could stuff my guts with. I really, Really, REALLY appreciated his patience and understanding on this - I can totally see how annoying it is to serve a vegan in this type of establishment... so yeah - staff, two thumbs up - superawesome!

I'm a bit of a saddo and had been trying to find someone to watch SuperBad with me - I have a lovecrush on Michael Cera and didn't care how bad the movie was meant to be, I knew I would love it merely because he was in it. Middle bro and youngest bro went to see it at 9:30 on Tuesday but it was too late for me so I wussed out; on Thurday one of my martial arts students overheard me begging youngest bro to see it again with me and told me he was seeing it on Thursday - he piked. So luckily I managed to con gf1 and gf2 out of that movie where Clare Danes is a star (wtf?!) and into seeing Superbad.

(I know you're getting gooey jus looking at him!)

It was hilarious!!

It was proddly helped by the surroundings - the recliners are super duper comfy and recline almost flat and there were only two other people in the cosy cinema. It was proddly also helped by the fact I finally had a vodka in my hand, I had a bowl of wedges next to me, I knew there was another drink and turkish bread to come in another hour or so and I could feel my temper slowly wasting away (workmates wanted me to buy them HOTDOGS for afternoon tea?!).

All up, the night would have cost me about $70 - it's roughly $5 cheaper on a Mon - Thurs night, and $10 cheaper on a Mon - Thurs day. Whilst I've heard people say they'd never go to the normal movies again, I wouldn't go that far, but I'd definitely do it again for a special occassion.

So never fear Canberra, our Dendy Premier is up to scratch!
And never fear internet world, Superbad is hilarious!


Adam said...

I can't believe the good reviews Superbad is getting. Cara is keen to see it, which is awes because it's exactly the type of movie she hates. I had some dudes in QLD who'd see all the worst movies with me, I miss those guys.

So Enny thumbs up is all I need.

Trish said...

I saw a movie at the Premier Lounge with my husband late last year. The service was terrific, the seats were SO comfortable I was in danger of falling asleep, and the food was yummy. I did think the menu prices were a bit steep given you're already paying so much for the movie, but for a treat once in a while I can recommend it. I thought the sound of other people being served food and eating would bother me, but it didn't.

DelightfulJen said...

I wanna see SuperBad...super bad.

I've heard it's a bit crap but I am rather partial to crap movies, especially those which contain teenage boy humour, mostly because it's the funniest type of funny there is.

I might see if Wifey will come with me, I'll try and catch her during an immature moment when it will seem like an awesome idea.

Enny said...

adam - you should both def go see it - I PROMISE it's hilarious! Let me know what you both think of it :o)

trish - that's the same thought we had - what happens if we fall asleep?! They were just so comfy :o) They were pretty good with quietly serving, though I did get a fork dropped on my leg...

d'jen - go Go GO!!! It's all funny - tell Wifey a random from the internet recommended it, and she'll totally go for it :o)

Rosanna said...

I have to see Superbad - thanks for the review!

PS: What Haighs do you eat? xo Love a very lazy Rosanna (apologies)

M said...

I saw it too. Hilarious!!

McLovin' is seriously the best name I've ever heard!

Enny said...

rosanna - you really should! OooOOOOOhhhhHHH! Dark choc mint frogs :o)

m - It was great, wasn't it? Just the name makes me smile!

Rosanna said...

Consider yourself set for some dark choc mint frogs (I don't like them so much - so I wont eat them!! PHEW!!)

PS: Bjork is com-ing!

alyndabear said...

I'm a gold class convert.. I find it difficult in normal movies now, because I'm a dag. ;)

Superbad was HILARIOUS!

Enny said...

rosanna - HOORAY! And I KNOW! SO EXCITED!!! IN CAPS!!!

a'bear - Heh heh - you're not the only one :o) Wasn't it just?! I'm itching to see it again - might be able to con my parents this weekend...