Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Startling Truths

It wasn't that long into our relationship that The Hun pointed out a startling truth to me.

Burps smell.

Or more specifically, my burps smell.

I cannot describe how much of a shock it was to me to find this out - all those years I'd just had no idea. None. At. All. Of course - I guess it's not that far fetched... it comes out of me, and there's stuff that goes into me and hangs around in there for a while...

When I try to get a sneaky one out, The Hun will look at me or say something. And you have no idea how bad I feel when I just have to (quietly) burp when in close proximity to people. Of course, no one else ever says anything - so I do wonder if he has specially honed senses for my stomach juice...

What is one startling truth you've had made known to you?


DelightfulJen said...

D'Mummy insisted I smelt like garlic was coming out of my pores last a couple of weekends ago.

Wifey and I both love garlic and I we had eaten a stir fry with whole cloves of roasted garlic in it the night before, but I insisted it was a lie. I can't smell anything. I was also holding a sealed container of garlic prawns and I am quite certain that was the garlic smell and not me.

I'm sort of impressed you can burp. I can't really burp, I just get like a single hiccup, none of the really tough "AARRRrrrrrrp" burps.

M said...

lol - when I was about 12 I was belting out some song and my little cousin looked at me and said "you are NOT a good singer" hahahaha. I kept singing.

Deb said...

i cant burp either, d'jen. i feel your pain... (?) lol

my bf burps and then blows it at my face... eww! But he doesnt fart then hold my head under the covers so I'll take the coke burps over curry farts any day!!!

Enny said...

d'jen - I would think that the prawns would have been the smell.. hopefully! I do ones that are kinda hiccups, but they can all be turned into large ones if required.

m - ouch! Nasty!

D'jen - The Hun doesn't burp, but I cannot tell who is the worst at making the dutch oven!

Adam said...

Appartently I'm not super, appartently I'm just a normal dude.

DelightfulJen said...

Adam, no way, it's a dirty lie! You are definitely a ninja.

Tee hee, the word verification says "fark"

Enny said...

adam - that doesn't count as it's not true. You ARE super... so perhaps it was startling to think that you weren't?!

d'jen - nice work with the back up! AH MAH MA!!!