Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Allergic to work?

I'm tired.

It might be because there was no sleep in this weekend due to the grading on Saturday and the Christening on Sunday.

It's only Tuesday, but both days this week I've woken up feeling ok, and then felt crap as soon as I've got into work - throaty, chesty and eye boggly. Yesterday I felt fine once I was outta work - today I feel worse... I still have a headache. This proddly was also due to the INSANE tute and lecture I sat thru this afternoon (well, 1/3rd lecture) of an hour of struggling to understand the tutor, and 30 mins of looking at a screen of notes that weren't on the site when I downloaded LAST WEEKS NOTES BY ACCIDENT this afternoon. The dude started rambling about the history of Industrial Relations - but the slide on the screen had like two sets of years on it, and THAT'S IT. Rambling about the first fleet was this year, first strike was this year, ladies got the vote in this year, the blah-blah ruling was way back here, the so and so whatever happened then... You can tell I wasn't in the mood for it, can't you?!

Luckily, I found out last week that a friend of mine is also in the class, so I'll email him tomorrow for the heads up - I have NO idea what this course is doing - there is no structure to the tutes, there is no direction on what chapters to read, I know I need clippings about SOMETHING but don't really know what.

So I'm kinda hoping for a flu day because I get the flu shot each year - last year I had 3.5 days off work for sick leave - all in a row the week I got the flu shot needle, and THAT WAS IT. Work is quiet and I'm starting to freak myself out that mebbe the symptoms are actually signs of infection and I'll have to get my foot amputated and so on and so forth.

Anyway, the point of my story was meant to be - how can you tell that I'm tired?

When I try to snooze my alarm for another 10 minutes by pressing the side of The Hun's head (as opposed to the side of my phone).

Time for an early night, methinks.


Adam said...

Whoa! Can you have a blog competition to win your amputated foot? That'd be so rockin'!

Amanda said...

I'm reasonably certain that they only amputate as a very last resort these days. However, they may drain your blood and drill a whole in your head to release all the toxins- can we have photos?

I would love to see the Hun's reaction to you pressing the side of his head.

Enny said...

adam - I don't think they'd let me take it home! Though I will definately take gruesome photos and post them for you.

amanda - *phew* - the hole in the head sounds a lot better...! Heh heh - he was a bit puzzled, but sleepy and used to being randomly bashed while asleep, so it wasn't too much of a concern.