Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'll have the Crispy Soy Chicken thanks!

I had lunch with a friend today. We hadn't really kept in touch as his gf I didn't get along (she was able to pick up on my not so subtleness) but as of late we decided to lunch. The timeline goes something like this:

??? 2001 - they start going out (a few months after she dumped his good friend for him).
Mar 2006 - she breaks up with him.
Apr 2006 - they start going out again (to his delight).
Sep 2006 - she breaks up with him again.
Oct 2006 - she starts dating someone else.
Jan 2007 - she's engaged.

Snap. Understandably, he's upset - you probably can't imagine how seriously he took this relationship, he really did see it as a lifetime.

I had a really good time - it was good to be catching up on what people are doing, and talk to the poor guy - to see how he was going. I also talked a bit about the breakup and post-breakup with the stoopid ex - it felt good to finally say some of it out loud to someone who was really listening to what I was saying - who knew both parties involved and to have some understanding of why I don't exactly light up at any mention of the guy.

But he also told me about these - so why not have a look?

If you can ignore the annoying voice and some of the lame gags, you might find something of interest.

The second and third parts are found here and here.


Lulu said...

Ah, I have missed so much. I am only just catching up on plans.

What is happening with your trip then? You will be going to Thailand as well?

Thailand is great. You will love it. Ignore the crazy signs at the airport about shooting you if you have drugs (I am not saying ingore them because you want to take drugs I mean ignore them cos if you read them they make you think you will be shot for carrying panadol!) Nah, I am serious it is really great. Japan is better of course but I am biased!!!

Email me your details again once everything is final and we should try to meet up. I will be back in Tokyo earlier than expected so I will be around your last weekend here if you want to catch up!!

Hope your allergy to work is working itself out!!

Jennifer said...

I really, really liked those little movies. I like how they made their point without being really "Meat eaters are evil, vegans are the best, here look at some graphic photos of dying animals". (Of course, Vegans are pretty good though :)

I dislike PETA for this reason, I don't like that they seem to use really graphic, horrible pictures and grand, sweeping statements to make their point. I can understand it works really well for them at that why they do it but I just reckon it's sort of misinforming to make really general statements to stir people up and then only have the finer details in further reading.

It's not the way I'd go about motivating people, I think those little movies do a much better job.

I think I'm going to blog about this, rather than hijack all your comments :)

Anonymous said...

I havent watched the vids yet on account of being at work, but on an entirely different point.... when are you coming back to brisbane???? we should like, totally catch up!

Deb :)

Amanda said...

I can't watch the videos because I'm at work... but I gather they're about not eating meat or cruelty to animals or some such. So, can't comment.

Glad lunch was good though. That girl sounds like a "fake and a slag", I think you were right in your initial instincts on that one.

Sorry about my stupid typo in my comment on your last post. I hate making typos like that, makes me look like I don't know the difference between whole and hole. Or there and their and they're. Etc. But I do know the difference.

Enny said...

Lulu - Yup! We leave Sydney for Thailand on the 17th of April, Arrive in Japan on Sat the 28th(?) and depart on the night of Monday the 7th - so will def hafta catch up! I'll send you an email soon =o) Still not sick though...

d'jen - I'm glad you liked them - EVERYONE GO VISIT D'JEN AND JOIN IN THE DISCUSSION!

deb - add your thoughts when you've seen it... and I'll be sure to let you guys know when I'll be there as soon as I do!

amanda - I'm glad you think so too! I can't say I noticed any typo's =o)

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